Ashley Graham Just Revealed the Name of Her Newborn Son, and You'll Love Her Choice!

Ashley Graham is a mama! The new mom of one announced the Jan. 18 birth of her son with husband Justin Ervin on Instagram, and we love his name: Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin.

Although Ashley didn't share Isaac's name in her initial birth announcement, she dedicated the Feb. 4 episode of her podcast show, Pretty Big Deal, to recounting her pregnancy and birth experiences, along with introducing her son alongside her husband. Upon bringing their newborn onto the set, Justin revealed the the idea for the name Isaac is actually one that came to him in high school, and has clearly stuck with him since.

As for Menelik, Ashley shared that the couple was inspired when they went to Ethiopia with a friend, and that Menelik was the name of the first emperor of Ethiopia — it means "son of the wise." And Giovanni, which is John in Italian, was suggested by a friend, but actually holds a lot of meaning for Ashley and Justin. "It kind of hit home for us because [Justin's] grandfather's name is John, my grandfather's name is John," Ashley said. Justin added that John is also the name of a bishop at his parents' church and that using Giovanni instead of John is a nod to his partial Italian roots.

We are so thrilled for Ashley and Justin and can't wait to see more of baby Isaac in the future!