Ashley Graham on Experiencing the Ring of Fire: "I Could Feel His Head in Between My Legs"

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Brand-new mom Ashley Graham sat down with her husband, Justin Ervin, on the Feb. 4 episode of her podcast show, Pretty Big Deal, to discuss giving birth to their son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin. In the 30-minute video, Ashley and Justin discuss everything from her water breaking in the middle of a yoga class to having a natural home birth and Justin's reaction to seeing his son's head crowning.

For a first-time mom, Ashley kept things pretty cool when she realized she was in labor. Despite feeling the first pangs of contractions at 5 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 18, the 32-year-old had breakfast and went ahead with her scheduled yoga class. "I wanted to still go to yoga because I felt like I could do a yoga session before he came, so that way I could be really open and loose," said Ashley. "What happens 15 minutes into yoga? My water breaks. And it sounded like a little balloon popping, but not as loud . . . and my pants got soaking wet."

Justin and Ashley also discussed Isaac's birth, and Ashley noted the sensation of being able to feel her son's head between her legs, which is also known as the "ring of fire" — a name that Ashley now understands. "Five-and-a-half hours later we're in the pool . . . and I'm on my back in the pool," she said. "My knees are up, and I keep screaming. At this moment, I could feel his head in between my legs. I mean, I physically could feel it."

As you could imagine, Ashley and Justin have been eating up every second of parenthood so far. "Isaac has brought something out of you in terms of just cooing, and singing to him, and poking at him, and just being all maternal, which has been really, really, really sweet to watch," Justin told Ashley. The supermodel has also witnessed a few heartwarming moments between Justin and their son. "I love watching you put your face in his neck when he's a little whiny," she said. "It calms him down right away. It's your lips and your beard and just that skin to skin, and all of a sudden, he's like putty in your arms."

How sweet are these new parents?! Watch the video until the end to hear more and to catch a glimpse of teeny baby Isaac!