13 Cartoons Your Kids Can Watch Right Now That'll Help Them Learn Spanish

Many parents want to introduce a second language to their kids from an early age, as it's actually easier to pick up a new language as a child than it is as an adult. Studies indicate that learning another language early on can help babies further develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition to the cognitive benefits, knowing another language is a useful skill for children to have as they navigate the world.

As many children take a second language in school, this can help set them up for success. And, in the work force, more employers are looking for bilingual candidates. Lucky for parents, they can give their children a head start with the help of cartoons and kid-targeted TV shows that are dedicated to teaching another language. Thanks to these shows, kids can be entertained while also learning Spanish, all without realizing the process.

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Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock is a nature-filled cartoon featuring the most adorable puffins possible. The Spanish is easy to follow and can help children who know some words and want to pick up new ones.

Watch Puffin Rock on Netflix.

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Handy Manny

Manny is a contractor that lives in Sheetrock Hills and fixes just about everything. Think "Bob the Builder," but bilingual Manny! Not only does this show teach children Spanish, but it also teaches children about culture and traditions.

Watch Handy Manny on Disney+.

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El Autobús Mágico

Based on the original "The Magic School Bus" series, Mrs. Frizzle takes her students on field trips to learn about science and the world. Netflix recently revamped this series, with a new Spanish version too!

Watch El Autobús Mágico on Netflix.

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Pocoyo is a show that was created originally in Spanish to help youngsters learn the language. The show revolves around a boy and his toys, looking for adventure.

Watch Pocoyo on Netflix.

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Oh Noah!

Oh Noah! is a show that focuses on 12-year-old Noah who is staying with his grandmother in her Spanish-fluent town. Noah has to learn the language and the culture in order to make friends.

Watch Oh Noah! on PBS Kids.

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Maya and Miguel

Maya and Miguel are Latin twins sharing their language, family, and culture with kids. The twins are total opposites. Maya gets in trouble often with her best friend Maggie, while her twin brother, Miguel, is a bit more calm. Kids will love their dynamic.

Watch Maya and Miguel on PBS Kids.

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Go, Diego, Go!

Diego Martinez is a young boy who loves adventure. He also happens to be Dora's cousin from Dora the Explorer. Instead of exploring like his cousin, Diego is on a mission to rescue many animals.

Watch Go, Diego, Go! on Amazon.

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Llamma Llamma

Based on the popular books by Anna Dewdney, Llama partakes on adventures with his friends and family on a regular basis. Offered in Spanish on Netflix.

Watch Llamma Llamma on Netflix.

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George, el Curioso

Curious George is a sweet and friendly monkey who always runs into trouble. His pal, "The Man in the Yellow Hat" always helps him out and is saving him from his curious trouble.

Watch George, el Curioso on Netflix.

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Word Party

Bailey, Franny, Kip, and Lulu are four adorable baby animals who are looking to have a fun time — and learn a bunch of new words and language skills along the way.

Watch Word Party on Netflix.

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Pregunte a los StoryBots

The Story Bots are little bots that ask tons of questions and explore all of the magic of the world. The episodes tackle different topics and categories. And Netflix offers it in Spanish!

Watch Pregunte a los StoryBots on Netflix.

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Plaza Sésamo

Essentially the classic TV show Sesame Street, Plaza Sésamo breaks down the same skills and lessons that children love to learn, just in Spanish. The letter of the day and number counting helps children learn some basics in Spanish.

Watch Plaza Sésamo on Amazon.

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Masha y el Oso

Masha and the Bear is based on an old folk tale that features Masha, a young girl, and her bear who is like her parent. The two go on adventures and the bear is always looking out for her . . . and saving her from trouble.

Watch Masha y el Oso on Netflix.