15 Kids' Shows on Netflix That Are Perfect For Learning Spanish

When it comes to learning Spanish, it goes without saying that looking up words in a Spanish-to-English dictionary isn't enough to make someone fluent in the language. Enrolling in a class therefore tends to be the go-to option for most adult learners, but for a child, a more immersive approach may be more suitable. Usually that means conversing with them (or in front of them) in Spanish as often as possible, however, Netflix can also be a powerful resource — especially if English is the primary language spoken at home or you really want to maximize their exposure to Spanish.

While Netflix is known for being a source of entertainment, the streaming service is also home to a wide selection of TV shows that can help children improve their Spanish comprehension skills. Whether you're looking for a series that displays subtitles in English or a Spanish-dubbed version of a show they already watch, there are plenty of options on the platform that are both entertaining and educational. If "Dora the Explorer" isn't quite cutting it anymore, check out more recommendations ahead.

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"Cocomelon: ¡A Cantar!"

If your child is already a fan of "Cocomelon," they'll definitely enjoy the show in Spanish, too. Much like the English version, the Spanish version will introduce your child to the Spanish alphabet and Spanish phonetics, as well as how to count in the language through fun songs. Just make sure to switch the audio (located near the volume controls) to Spanish before you tune in.

Watch "Cocomelon: ¡A Cantar!" on Netflix now.

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"YooHoo al Rescate"

"YooHoo al Rescate" revolves around a bush baby named YooHoo and his group of friends who spend every episode figuring out how to help animals stuck in sticky situations. As the characters use their problem-solving skills, your child will get to practice their Spanish comprehension skills.

Watch "YooHoo al Rescate" on Netflix now.

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"Pregunta a los StoryBots"

Answering questions like "how do eyes work?" or "what makes a toilet flush?," a group of all-knowing creatures called StoryBots address the curiosities of young viewers, helping improve their Spanish vocabulary in the process.

Watch "Pregunte a los StoryBots" on Netflix now.

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"Waffles y Mochi"

This Netflix original follows the adventures of Waffle and Mochi, two puppets who travel the world learning about different cuisines and cultures from their new human friends. Originally narrated in English by Michelle Obama, this show features English subtitles when you switch the language to Spanish.

Watch "Waffles y Mochi" on Netflix.

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This show follows the adventures of Pocoyó, a preschool boy who is discovering the world for the first time. Accompanying Pocoyó on his day-to-day adventures are his playful animal friends Pato the duck, Elly the elephant, and Pajaroto the bird.

Watch "Pocoyó" on Netflix now.

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"Robocar Poli"

Led by Poli, the city's head police car, the Robocar team of transformer vehicles is always prepared to help whenever disaster strikes. In every episode, the Robocar team performs amazing rescues, protecting the citizens of Broom at all costs while teaching viewers about safety and decision-making during emergencies.

Watch "Robocar Poli" on Netflix now.

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"Llama Llama"

Set in a small, friendly town, a llama and his neighbors navigate familiar everyday activities. From going to the grocery store to putting on red pajamas, everything Llama Llama experiences turns into a new adventure.

Watch "Llama Llama" on Netflix now.

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There's no shortage of fun in the Porong Porong Forest. Along with a dinosaur, a polar bear, a fox, and a beaver, Pororo the penguin encounters new challenges while learning important lessons about friendship and life in his snowy hometown.

Watch "Pororo" on Netflix now.

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The premise of this show revolves around a funny bunny named Simón who lives in a world where it's springtime all year round. With his loving family and his cat Milou by his side, Simón always goes out of his way to enjoy childhood to its fullest.

Watch "Simón" on Netflix now.

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Monty Kazoops and his pet pig Jimmy Jones are all about thinking outside of the box. Boundless curiosities and big imaginations carry these two best friends through tons of unforgettable moments.

Watch "Kazoops!" on Netflix now.

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"Cleo y Cuquin"

Cleo is trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up, and luckily her baby brother, Cuquin, is there to support her on her journey of self-discovery. Throughout the series, Cleo and Cuquin try out different professions and learn fun lessons about responsibility.

Watch "Cleo y Cuquin" on Netflix now.

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"Kid-E-Cats" follows the lives of three kitten siblings who love to play, socialize, and explore the town of Catspolis. With their inquisitive minds and the wisdom of their caring parents, Cookie, Pudding, and Candy figure out how to be independent and solve problems.

Watch "Kid-E-Cats" on Netflix now.

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"Luna Petunia"

This series chronicles the adventures of Luna Petunia, an optimistic young girl who prides herself on being fearless and independent. Set in her own fantastical dreamland, Luna encourages everyone she crosses paths with to see the best in every situation, no matter the circumstances.

Watch "Luna Petunia" on Netflix now.

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Dinosaur pals Mazu, Tiny, Bill, and Rocky are in search of a legendary creature, and they need all the help they can get. As they uncover all the mysteries of Gigantosaurus, they face their fears head-on and cultivate a strong friendship.

Watch "Gigantosaurus" on Netflix now.

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Morphle is a magical pet who loves spending time with his best friend Mila. Through the power of Mila's imagination, Morphle can transform into anything and everything, and together the two of them make the impossible possible.

Watch "Morphle" on Netflix now.