11 Creative Recipes to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruit

Popsicles, sweet tartlets, homemade fruit roll-ups — these fruity recipes are sure to be staples in your family. With all the fresh fruits in season, we rounded up several genius ways to serve them to the entire family. Even picky eaters will want a second helping of these adorable frozen yogurt bites. Keep reading to see which recipes you'll want to try this weekend!

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Just in time for the Fourth of July, these American-flag fruit skewers will be snatched up by all your guests.

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What's not to love about a homemade strawberry tart? This simple recipe is perfect for a family of four, but you can easily double the ingredients for endless dessert.

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You can actually see the fruits in this colorful popsicle! Your tots will enjoy figuring out what's inside their treat as much as they'll enjoy eating it.


If your child hates banana, this banana boat s'mores recipe will quickly change their mind about the fruit.

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Waffle cones plus fruit might be the simplest, most genius idea for an easy Summer treat.


Both parents and kids won't be able to resist these Otter Pops! Made with fresh fruit and juices, it's a healthy Summer alternative to sugary store-bought ice pops.


Dare we say these fruit-infused yogurt bites might replace your family's favorite ice cream?

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Individual tartlets are great for families with different fruit preferences. Top yours with blueberries or your little one's with raspberries.

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Kids love pizza, and this grilled fruit pizza (made with Nutella) is just as mouthwatering, without all the added fat.


Homemade fruit roll-ups like this one are free from corn syrup and preservatives, which means your kids still get the same fruity taste with natural, fresh ingredients. Make it an activity and have them toss the fruit into the blender.

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Moms will love making this easy, no-bake watermelon cake, while kids will love licking the whipped cream and eating the tart berries.