115+ Sweet Names For Girls That Are Cute as a Button

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POPSUGAR Photography | Levi Mandel
POPSUGAR Photography | Levi Mandel

Finding the perfect name to fit your adorable little baby can be daunting, for sure — but it can also be a lot of fun. What's sweeter than parsing through baby-name lists and dreaming about your future child? Will they be a Juniper, an Alice, or a Noa? Which name will best fit their personality — as a new baby, a little kid, and eventually an adult? Is there a special loved one your baby's name can honor? What will it be like to call out this name on the playground — to identify yourself as so-and-so's parent? Sure, there's a lot of pressure. But there's also a lot of joy.

Of course, it can be overwhelming. If you google "baby girl names," for instance, you'll be confronted with thousands of results. So if you've been struggling to find that perfect baby name, look no further. We've put together the best possible starting place: an extensive list of some of our favorite names that are as cute and special as your cute-as-a-button baby girl is sure to be. Whether you're looking for a unique name, an aesthetic name, a name with a meaning or origin that resonates with you, or all of the above, there's definitely a cute name or two on this list that you are going to love. (Most of these names are unisex, and if you're looking for a more traditionally masculine name, we put together a similar list here.)

We also pulled meanings and origins of each name from Nameberry because sometimes knowing the meaning helps guide you to the most perfect, cutest name for your little girl. Ahead, check out the list of girls' names from A to Z that have a genuinely adorable ring to them.

Cute Girl Names That Start With A

  • Addison: English — "Son of Adam"
  • Adley: Hebrew — "God is just"
  • Agnes: Greek — Pure
  • Amara: Arabic — Grace; immortal; tribe
  • Amelia: German — Work
  • Amie: French — Beloved
  • Arabella: Latin — "Yielding to prayer"
  • Aria: Italian & Hebrew — Air; lion; song
  • Aspen: English — Shaking poplar tree
  • Aubrey: French — "Elf ruler"
  • Aurelie: French — "The golden one"
  • Ava: Hebrew — Life; bird; water
  • Avery: English — "Ruler of the elves"

Cute Girl Names That Start With B

  • Bailey: English — Occupational name; law enforcer, bailiff
  • Beatrice: Latin — Blessed; "she who brings happiness"
  • Bexley: English — Place name
  • Birdie: English — Bird
  • Braelynn: American — Strength
  • Brea: Italian — Vigour; liveliness
  • Bree: Irish — Strength; "exalted one"
  • Brinley: English — Burnt meadow
  • Brooklyn: Dutch — Marshland

Cute Girl Names That Start With C

  • Callie: Greek — Beautiful
  • Cecily: Latin — Blind
  • Chloe: Greek — "Young green shoot"
  • Clara: Latin — Bright; clear
  • Colette: French — "People of victory"
  • Cora: Greek — Maiden

Cute Girl Names That Start With D

  • Dahlia: Swedish — Dahl's flower
  • Daisy: English — Day's eye
  • Dakota: Sioux — "Friendly one"
  • Dale: English — Valley
  • Daphne: Greek — Laurel tree; bay tree
  • Darby: Irish or Norse — "Free from envy"; "from the deer estate"
  • Diem: Latin — Day

Cute Girl Names That Start With E

  • Eden: Hebrew — Place of pleasure; delight
  • Effie: Greek — Pleasant speech
  • Ellerie: English — "Descendant of Hilary"
  • Elsie: Scottish — "Pledged to God"
  • Embry: English — Flat-topped hill
  • Emma: German — Universal
  • Everly: English — "Wild boar in woodland clearing"
  • Evie: Hebrew — Life

Cute Girl Names That Start With F

  • Fawn: English — Young deer
  • Faye: English — Fiary
  • Fiona: Scottish — White; fair
  • Fleur: French — Flower

Cute Girl Names That Start With G

  • Gabriella: Italian — "God is my strength"
  • Gracie: English — Virtue name, grace

Cute Girl Names That Start With H

  • Hadley: Italian — "God is my strength"
  • Harper: English — Virtue name, grace
  • Hartley: English — Stag meadow
  • Hensely: English — Woody clearing
  • Hope: English — Virtue name

Cute Girl Names That Start With I

  • Ida: German — "Industrious one"
  • Imogen: Celtic — Maiden
  • Ines: Italian — Pure
  • Ireland: Irish — Place name
  • Isabella: Spanish — "Pledged to God"
  • Isla: Spanish — Island
  • Ivy: English — Botanical name

Cute Girl Names that Start With J

  • Jade: Spanish — "Stone of the side"
  • Jane: English — "God is gracious"
  • June: Latin — Roman goddess Juno
  • Juniper: Latin — Young

Cute Girl Names That Start With K

  • Kaia: Spanish — "Stone of the side"
  • Kennedy: Irish — Misshapen head
  • Kenzie: Scottish — "Son of Kenneth"
  • Kiera: Irish — Little dark one
  • Kinsley: English — King's meadow

Cute Girl Names That Start With L

  • Layla: Arabic — Night
  • Lily: English — Flower name
  • Luna: Latin — Moon

Cute Girl Names That Start With M

  • Madeline: Arabic — Night
  • Mae: English — Pearl; bitter
  • Makena: Irish or African — Happy one
  • Merritt: English — Boundary gate
  • Mia: Italian — Mine; bitter
  • Mila: Slavic — Gracious; dear

Cute Girl Names That Start With N

  • Naya: Swahili — Wave; resolve; brilliance
  • Nova: Latin — New

Cute Girl Names That Start With O

  • Olive: Latin — Olive tree
  • Oriana: Latin — Dawn

Cute Girl Names That Start With P

  • Paislee: Scottish — Church
  • Paloma: Spanish — Dove
  • Pearl: Latin — Gem stone
  • Penelope: Greek — Weaver
  • Penny: English — Weaver
  • Piper: English — Occupational name; pipe or flute player
  • Posie: English — A bunch of flower

Cute Girl Names That Start With Q

  • Quinn: Irish — Intelligence; "descendant of Conn"

Cute Girl Names That Start With R

  • Rae: English — Ewe
  • Rayna: Hebrew — "Song of the Lord"
  • Rose: Latin — Flower name
  • Rowan: Scottish & Irish — Rowan tree; little redhead

Cute Girl Names That Start With S

  • Sadie: Hebrew — Princess
  • Sahara: Arabic — Desert
  • Scarlett: English Scarlet red
  • Sicily: Italian Place name
  • Sloan: Irish Raider
  • Sophie: French Wisdom
  • Stella: Latin Star

Cute Girl Names That Start With T

  • Taylor: English Occupational name; tailor
  • Teagan: Irish or Welsh Fair; little poet
  • Thea: Greek Goddess; godly
  • Tinley: English — Hedge; fence

Cute Girl Names That Start With U

  • Uri: Hebrew My flame; my light

Cute Girl Names That Start With V

  • Viola: Latin Violet

Cute Girl Names That Start With W

  • Waverly: English Meadow of quivering aspens
  • Weylyn: Celtic Son of the wolf
  • Willa: German Resolute protection
  • Willow: English Willow tree

Cute Girl Names That Start With X

  • Xael: Greek From the sea

Cute Girl Names That Start With Y

  • Yvette: French Yew tree

Cute Girl Names That Start With Z

  • Zara: Hebrew & Arabic Blooming flower; "God remembers"
  • Zaylee: Muslim Berry wood
  • Zinnia: German Flower name; Zinn's flower
  • Zoe: Greek Life
  • Zuri: Kiswahili — Good; beautiful
POPSUGAR Photography | Levi Mandel