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230+ Middle Eastern Names

230+ Beautiful Middle Eastern Baby Names

230+ Middle Eastern Names
Image Source: Getty / Klaus Vedfelt

The Middle East is made up of many different countries — including Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia – with varying cultures, and there's a plethora of beautiful names that come from the region, for both boys and girls. Names like Malik, Omar, and Xavier (for boys) and Layla, Zara, and Fatima (for girls) all have Middle Eastern origins and are currently among the 500 most popular names in the US, according to Nameberry. And, of course, the name Aaliyah has been a popular choice in the US for some time, at least partially due to the world-renowned singer Aaliyah, as well as the name's beautiful meaning: "exalted."

Whether you're looking for Middle Eastern names to use as inspiration for your own baby's name, you're interesting in reading about the powerful meanings behind some Middle Eastern baby names, or you want a Middle Eastern baby name that honors your own heritage, this list of 230+ options is a great place to start. It's packed with some of our favorite Middle Eastern names, and their respective meanings, for baby boys and baby girls.

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