David Burtka Shared the Magic That Happened When He Took His Kids to Their First Pride Parade

David Burtka is "amazed" at how far we've come. On June 22, the actor and professional chef joined LGBTQ+ advocates at POPSUGAR Play/Ground for "Power Your Pride," a conversation with GLAAD about inclusion, love, and all-around pride, and he couldn't help but gush over the progression he's witnessed through his children's eyes. He opened up about his and Neil Patrick Harris's 8-year-old twins and what he's seeing with their generation.

"It's a completely different place where we're living at, and it's amazing. We've come such a long way and fought such an amazing fight. In their class, they have three different sets of gay parents," he said. "They see mom and mom, they see dad and dad, they see interracial marriages. They see all different types of people. That's so great."

The moment it really hit him was two years ago. David explained how NPH was filming the Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events in Vancouver and the family was invited to the pride parade in the city. He recalled that Harper and Gideon asked their dads what a pride parade is. "We had to explain to them what a gay pride parade was," he said. "In that sense, I thought, 'Oh wow, we've really come a long way that I had to explain to my kids what this was.'" And the family experience sounded magical.

"They got to see all different kinds of people on floats. My daughter is obsessed with rainbows, so it was her favorite day," he said. David and NPH recently celebrated their 15-year anniversary, but his twins' own experiences made him realize how much we've progressed. "It's really amazing to see where we've come and how it's not an issue anymore. And I'm sure it's an issue in other places in America, but here in New York and in LA, it's a non-issue."

The family of four may continue to win Halloween with their matching costumes year after year, and they're constantly stealing our hearts on social media, but it's their openness about their modern-day love that makes them so relatable. Gideon and Harper are so lucky!