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26 Educational Kids' Shows 2023

26 Educational Kids' Shows For Your Little One to Stream While They're at Home

Educational Kids' Shows: "Little Einsteins"
Image Source: Disney

With a society that is technology driven, it's normal for today's generation of kids to be engrossed in a phone or tablet. And while we all want to find the right balance for our family, there's no denying that screen time can be our friend as far as keeping kids busy — especially if you're trying to work from home (or, let's face it, just exist at home). That's why so many parents are such huge fans of educational kids' shows. Sure, throwing on a kids' show or feel-good movie can be a great option to make little ones happy and give you a little peace. But educational kids' shows can be just as interesting and attention keeping — and why not have your kids learn something new while keeping them entertained and out of your hair?

As you know, however, not all children's series are created equal — and if kids are going to watch TV, you want to make sure they're consuming something with actual educational value that'll feed their curious and evolving minds. So we rounded up the best educational kids' shows, that tackle science concepts to problem-solving skills to manners. Read on to see our picks for educational kids' shows on Netflix and other services.

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