Parenting Through This Time Is Challenging, So Let's Try to Make Room For More Joy

As a parent, I understand that when the news cycle becomes particularly rough, it's important that I carve out space for more joyful moments in the day — both for myself and for my kids. Sometimes that's easier said than done.

Over the past week, as coronavirus concerns ramped up across the US, I realized my anxieties about caring for my family were, well, pretty transparent. At one point, while I was working from home, my toddler asked if I was feeling sad. Apparently, I'm as bad at hiding my emotions as I expected. Still, I was taken aback. Looking into his sweet, concerned little eyes, I acknowledged that I was having a tough day, and he suggested we put on a puppet show. Turns out, that was exactly what I needed.

For a little while, turn off the news, turn up the music, and have a dance party.

During my lunch break, the TV was off, my phone was in another room, and my son and I put on an Oscar-worthy performance using the Mickey and Minnie puppets he got for Christmas. Those sweet little eyes were sparkling, and so were mine.

The world is dealing with a serious situation that's affecting families, communities, and livelihoods across the globe. I imagine that, like me, most parents have been scrolling through their feeds in search of any and all information to help them protect their loved ones. That's something we should continue to do. We need to know what experts are saying about coronavirus, how to look out for symptoms, the supplies to have on hand, and the best ways to support others during this challenging time. So, by all means, bookmark those stories. Read up on what needs to be done and take action. Then, for a little while, turn off the news, turn up the music, and have a dance party.