Kristen Bell Says Her Girls Know "the Entire Plot" of Frozen 2, and Ugh, I Need to Know!

As if we weren't already upset that Kristen Bell isn't our mom, another perk of being her kid just cropped up: her daughters already know the entire plot and all of the new songs to Disney's Frozen 2, which doesn't come out until Nov. 22. Four-year-old Delta and 6-year-old Lincoln became privy to the upcoming film's finer details when Kristen started singing the new songs around the house, and we know what you're thinking, but trust: there's no way you can bribe these girls to share what they know . . . they know they'll get in trouble big time if they tell!

"I did explain to my kids that they can't talk about it," Kristen told E! at the 2019 D23 Expo. "I was singing the songs to them very early on and thank god their words are still muddled when they're singing, which has saved me a couple times when they've gone full voice with a new hit from Frozen 2 in the middle of the living room. I'm like, 'Oh, oh, don't.' I had to explain to them they couldn't really talk about it, this had to be a secret."

"I have told them the entire plot line," she said. "They know everything, they know all the new characters, they know all the new songs. And they can sing them, but they know they're gonna get big time busted if they tell anyone."

We're so jealous! Guess we'll just have to wait until Nov. 22 to be included in this exclusive circle of knowledge. (By the way, Frozen 2 comes out just 10 days after Disney+'s launch, giving you plenty of time to watch Frozen on repeat beforehand!)