11 Stunning Rainbow Baby Maternity Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

Learning that they're expecting a baby can be a thrilling time for many moms and dads, but for those who are expecting a rainbow baby, the long-awaited occasion can be even more exciting. A rainbow baby is a meaningful phrase that refers to a baby who is conceived after a miscarriage or a stillbirth. Grateful moms and dads believe that these children are the rainbows after storms and that sunshine always follows even the darkest of times.

Some parents pay tribute to their little one's rainbow baby status by planning colorful baby showers, first birthday parties, or newborn shoots. Others draw inspiration from rainbows for their pregnancy announcements or maternity photo shoots, and these photos are able to capture a mom's stunning hope.

Check out these 11 pregnancy photos bursting with color — and pure joy.

A Triple-Rainbow Backdrop
Foxy Photography

A Triple-Rainbow Backdrop


Underwater Ribbons


Finger Painting in a Field of Flowers


A Meaningful Rainbow Umbrella

A Smoke-Bomb Shoot
Shutter Darling Photography

A Smoke-Bomb Shoot


Billowing Rainbow Smoke


A Rainbow Filter


Rainbow Gowns and Flowers