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16 Cute Reusable Diapers For Babies

16 Reusable Diapers That Are Seriously Absorbent (and Very Cute!)

16 Cute Reusable Diapers For Babies
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Having a baby means changing diapers constantly. Babies use 10 diapers a day or more (especially if they pee mid-change and you have to start all over), so it's no surprise that our landfills are quickly filling up with soiled disposable diapers. According to an estimate by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated 4.1 million tons of disposable diapers in 2018. That's a lot of waste! Green America said that organic cloth diapers are still the best option — unless you live in an area where water conservation is a big concern, because they will up your weekly laundry. If you are ready to make the switch, check out a few of the best reusable diaper brands and one reusable swim diaper that are soft, absorbent, and super cute.

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