22 Creative Spring Crafts For Kids

What is it about spring that sparks the imagination? Maybe it's the increase in sunlight and fresh air we're suddenly getting. Maybe we're just tired of the winter activities that have been keeping us busy all cold season long, and we're ready to dive headfirst into spring activities instead. Whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: the change in season always puts us in a creative mood, and our thoughts turn to spring crafts.

So, we put together a list of spring crafts that will help your kids celebrate the weather warming, the snow melting, the birds chirping, the flowers growing, and the sun shining (or, frankly, the spring rains falling — because we know it can get wet this time of year). Even better, we've got spring crafts for kids of all ages — there are spring crafts for preschoolers, plus crafts that are more suitable for younger and older tots. We also make sure to come up with plenty of ideas that are doable when your spring craft closet is close to empty, and when you're in the mood for a more ambitious spring craft, so you'll never find yourself out of ideas.

Feeling inspired yet> Read through for 22 spring crafts that your kids will love getting their hands into.

— Additional reporting by Mirel Zaman

Spring Crafts For Kids: No “Extras” Required

Spring Crafts For Kids: No “Extras” Required

Perfect for an unexpectedly gloomy day, when your craft closet is looking a little bare.

  1. Spring Cleaning (Really!). Use the promise of an upcoming garage sale as motivation to get the kids to sort through their old toys. Have them propose prices for each of the items they're giving up, and discuss what you'll do with the (eventual) profits. You may want to consider making a donation to a charity of the kids' choice to make the project especially meaningful. (Need help? Check out our spring-cleaning checklist.)
  2. DIY Time Capsule. Have kids include a letter to their future selves with information like their grade in school, summer plans, their best friends' names, hobbies they enjoy, favorite movies, songs, and more. Also include a few mementos and photos. Be sure to seal the whole thing in an airtight container (a tennis ball can or Tupperware would work well), and wait until a sunny day to bury it in the backyard. Just remember to make a note of where it is and when you want to open it!
  3. Style Your Sunnies. Give plain sunglasses a seasonal update with stickers or colorful paper using craft glue. This is a great craft for a rainy day, as it will give their sunglasses plenty of time to dry before striking a pose like their favorite movie star. (Just be careful of exactly what you use to decorate the frames; nothing that could possible fall off and harm their sensitive eyes.)
  4. Cardboard Vase Activity. Send your kids outside to pick a few dandelions from the lawn, then make a cute cardboard vase, using this tutorial.
  5. Finger Painting. Get outside and get your little artistes good and messy with finger paint.
  6. Rock Painting. Have them pick up a bunch of large-ish rocks from outside (about the size of their fist, or two of their fists together). Then use markers, paint, and/or googly eyes with glue to decorate them.
  7. DIY Paper Flower Wreath. Upcycle old greeting cards and wrapping paper by turning them into a paper flower wreath! Here are 10 examples to get you started.
  8. Flower Pot Decorating. This craft can be elaborate (with decoupage or hot glue) or not (just use markers or paint). Here are some ideas to spark your kids' imaginations.

Spring Crafts For Kids: Some Supplies Necessary

Spring Crafts For Kids: Some Supplies Necessary

You should have most of the craft supplies required to complete these spring crafts in your closet already. But some may call for a little extra, so check out the how-tos before getting started.

  1. Springtime Sock Sparrows. This recyclable craft project turns spring cleaning into a fun activity.
  2. DIY Terrarium. A vessel, some sand, some dirt, and a few plants make a fun project that will last all year long. This is how to make a soda bottle terrarium; if you have a glass container, see instructions here.
  3. Embroidery Kit Beginner's Set. Embroidery hoop crafts are so fun (and trendy right now), and it's easier to get started than you might think. Find a simple starter kit like this one, and set your kids off on what could become a lifetime hobby.
  4. Spring Button Branch Craft. Re-create the look of the branches that are blossoming right outside of your windows with this clever button branch craft. (The example is a fall branch; just use brighter buttons and denser clusters to replicate budding spring foliage.) Have your little ones help out by sorting spare buttons by size and color. Older kiddos can also help glue and frame your masterpiece, too.
  5. Spring Button Bouquet. Break out your button stash and create a spring-inspired bouquet (instructions here) that blooms all year long.
  6. DIY Floral Pop-Up Card. When your tot is looking for a Mother's Day-appropriate craft (hint, hint), this floral pop-up card may take some time, but its final effect will be appreciated long past the month of May.

Spring Crafts For Kids: Play With Your Food

Spring Crafts For Kids: Play With Your Food

Well, kinda. All of these crafts use repurposed food containers or actual food, or involve growing or assembling something edible. Enjoy!

    1. Rice "Gardening" Sensory Play. If the sun's shining, then your little ones can help out in the real garden. If not, don't fret — there's plenty of indoor gardening to be done as well! Dye rice in different colors and create an indoor sandbox of sorts for your kiddo to play with.
    2. Baby Food Jar Vases Baby-food jars are the perfect size to display small flowers, like pansies, and this tutorial shows how easy it is to convert the jars into minivases. (If the paint is a step too far for your kids, just wrap them with ribbon.) Then step outside and pick some fresh petals to display in your jars. (Wondering what else to do with all of those leftover baby-food jars? We've got 20 great ideas.)
    3. DIY Fruit Stamps. Celebrate fresh produce and afternoons spent outside drinking lemonade with DIY fruit stamps that can be used to create a number of fruity masterpieces.
    4. DIY Indoor Herb Garden. While you probably want to mount the herbs with the help of another adult, your kids will love getting their hands dirty to help you plant herbs in mason jars. It's a great way to add fresh flavors to your family dishes all year round!
    5. Fresh Fruit Popsicles. Take advantage of your local market's seasonal produce by whipping up a batch of fresh fruit ice pops.
    6. No-Bake Granola Bars. Kids can help stir, measure, mix, and press these no-bake granola bars into shape. Just pop the yummy, chewy bars — full of whole grain cereal, nuts, coconut, rolled oats, honey, and peanut butter — into the freezer for a bit to let them set, and you'll be snacking healthfully in no time. They're the perfect treat to bring along on an afternoon outing to the park or a walk around the neighborhood.
    7. Plastic Easter Egg "Teacups." Looking for something to do with all of those leftover plastic Easter eggs? Designs by Sunghee took a creative approach to recycling — how sweet are these tiny teacups?