40 Things Moms Do Every Single Day

No two mothers are exactly the same — much like the sticky fingerprints we wipe off of the front of the fridge on a daily basis. But even though our parenting styles come in all different forms, we actually all have a lot of things in common. Whether we're urban or rural, young or old, have one child or are approaching "Old Lady in a Shoe" status (you know, the one who had "so many children she didn't know what to do?"), we can all relate to these 40 things moms do every day.

  1. Offer assistance/have a conversation from the toilet.
  2. Fantasize about being alone for five . . .freaking . . .minutes!
  3. Caffeinate.
  4. Agonize over what to make for any given meal.
  5. Worry about whether everyone is getting all their vitamins.
  6. Worry about kids getting too much screen time.
  7. Use technology to pacify kids.
  8. Think, "I JUST cleaned that!"
  9. Think, "Ugh, how long has it been since I cleaned that?"
  10. Trip over or step on something we didn't leave on the floor.
  11. Gripe about tripping over or stepping on something we didn't leave on the floor.
  12. Clean up a mess that "nobody else saw."
  13. Mentally organize calendar of upcoming events.
  14. Wonder if any events are being forgotten.
  15. Wish there were events we could just cross off the list.
  16. Die a little inside at the prospect of folding and putting away more laundry.
  17. Wonder if laundry is an absolute necessity or if we can let it slide for just a little bit longer.
  18. Wonder if kids are clean enough to go without a bath, just for tonight.
  19. Think, "My kids are the best!"
  21. Issue instructions.
  22. Repeat instructions.
  23. Repeat instructions.
  24. Repeat instructions REALLY LOUDLY.
  25. Say, "If I have to repeat myself ONE MORE TIME . . ."
  26. Issue threats.
  27. Marvel at just how much food the kids plow through, and how quickly, considering they regularly turn noses up at dinner selections.
  28. Add a bazillion items to the grocery list (and contemplate taking out a second mortgage).
  29. Wonder, "Why do I even bother?" in reference to cooking/cleaning.
  30. Lecture about the importance of finishing homework while secretly cussing homework.
  31. Discover boogers on walls or skid-marked undies or unflushed toilets and think about how gross kids are.
  32. Absentmindedly say "mm-hmm" when our kids talk while we're in the middle of something.
  33. Find things in our purses that aren't even ours.
  34. Hum along to a kids' show theme song or YouTube ditty.
  35. Think about how tired we are.
  36. Secretly eat something our kids don't know about.
  37. Say no at least 15 times.
  38. Tell our kids to go to bed because sleep is important.
  39. Stay up way too late wrapping up loose ends and trying to have me time.
  40. Fall into bed and think about everything we have to do tomorrow.