Adorable Kid-Inspired Tiny Tattoos Every Parent Is Going to Want to Ink Their Skin With

As someone with eight tiny tattoos scattered all over my body, I know for a fact that when I get a tattoo in honor of my children, it's going to be as tiny as the rest of them. Although there are so many photos floating around on social media of beautiful large-scale tattoos parents have gotten, if you're on the tiny-tattoo train with me, there's plenty of inspiration out there for us, too.


Arrows Crossed Date of Birth

Mom and Baby Elephant


Little Peanut


Script Name

Star Sign

Butterfly Wing Initials

Pacifier Initial

Name Heart

Birthplace Coordinates


Key to My Heart

Angel Wings

Moon and Baby

Roman Numerals

Birth Stats Heart


Kid Doodle


Date of Birth Footprint


Name and Footprints

Little Boy

Balloon Elephant