Chrissy Teigen Is Put on Bed Rest After Misunderstanding What That Meant Last Week: "Now I'm in Trouble"

Chrissy Teigen feels like she's being punished for saying that her pregnancies with both Luna and Miles were "easy peasy." The 34-year-old mom of two was put on a two-week bed rest in early September, but misunderstood exactly what that meant. Although she joked that she'd take the time to learn "how to sew capes and kid clothes," it was apparent from her last week of Instagram Stories that she was still wowing us all in the kitchen with her cacio e pepe oatmeal recipe and showing off her beautiful kiddos.

Now, she's on "super serious" bed rest until Sept. 22, so we'll just have to get used to hearing her daily stories about her pregnancy and life in general from where she's perched upon her lush pillows.

"I didn't really know that bed rest was, like, in bed. I honestly thought bed rest was you have to really, really, really relax, stay home — I thought it could be couch rest," Chrissy told followers — from bed — in her Sept. 15 Instagram Stories. "Now I'm in trouble, so now I need bed rest."

Chrissy later shared that the reason she's been put on these "super serious bed rest times" is due to a weak placenta. She also admitted that she's having a more trying pregnancy than she's become used to. "Just trying to be as healthy as possible. It's a bit of a difficult pregnancy, I feel good though," she said. "But, yeah, I will say I'm probably being punished for talking so much about how great the first two went. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, [being] pregnant's awesome.' Now, I get it. I get anyone that thinks it's not so awesome. But very happy to be carrying this baby."

Later — also from bed, we assume — Chrissy echoed the statement on Twitter, sharing: "Been in bed for all but 5 mins of the last 24 hours. Here til next Tuesday. Lord it's kind of crappier than it sounds."

The initial bed rest order came after Chrissy shared a video on Sept. 7 of an at-home ultrasound that she initiated because she was feeling some anxiety. "On weekends we freak out! Before I'm able to start feeling the kicks, the anxiety gets the best of me and any little bits of spotting or pain freak me ouuuuuut," she wrote. "One day I swear I'll buy one of these machines but by then I'll be all done with having monsters! But as my little Luna embarks on her very first sleepover tonight, another little one makes some big growth moves of their own. all is well."

We're wishing Chrissy well, especially through this next week, and hope that someone keeps her stocked up on sour candies while she's resting up.