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Why I Don't Like Hosting Thanksgiving

7 Reasons I Refuse to Host Thanksgiving, Like, Ever Again

Why I Don't Like Hosting Thanksgiving
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Confession: I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving. Of all the holidays, I'd rank it just under Flag Day. Not that I am not thankful. Or that I don't appreciate our country's flag. It's just that, well, let's say our family Thanksgivings haven't always gone off without a hitch. There was that one year my dog ate my favorite Stuart Weitzman shoes. But that was nothing compared to the year I announced my pregnancy, and my entire family was so shocked that they just stared at me, and no one said anything for an uncomfortably long amount of time. (It was our third baby, and after about 24 hours when the shock wore off, everyone was super excited!) Or how about the year a bunch of folks got into a big fight, and some relatives left before dessert? Did I mention I host Thanksgiving every year?

Well, guess what? This year, I'm not doing it! I refuse to invite in the mayhem. Eating turkey just isn't that important to me. As if you need more evidence as to why I'm just not up for it, read on for some laughs at my expense as I share the reasons I'm banning turkeys over 10 pounds — and multiple pies — in my kitchen this year.

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