These Grandmas-to-Be Had Such a Wholesome Reaction to a Pregnancy Announcement

Arkady Brown, a boudoir photographer in Portland, OR, wanted to surprise her mom and mother-in-law with her and her husband's pregnancy news in a memorable way. In a video that was originally shot in September 2018, Arkady gives both soon-to-be grandmas a gift to reveal the news, and their facial expressions truly say it all.

"Well, guess I should mention now . . . this boudoir babe is about to be a boudoir mom! Three months to go! This video was taken right before our wedding in September," she captioned the video. "The moms think they're getting a 'wedding' gift, ha!" Pretty clever timing, eh?

Since the video was posted, Arkady has officially welcomed her little peanut, but one thing's for sure: these women's reactions will never get old!