Crystal Succulent Rings Are the Dreamy Accessory We Never Knew We Needed

Just when we thought succulents might soon be replaced by another equally Instagram-worthy plant, they've been given a new breath of life in the form of gorgeous (living) jewelry. By now, you've probably seen a handful of pretty succulent necklaces, hair accessories, and earrings all over Etsy, but by far the dreamiest plant-adorned jewelry of them all has to be crystal succulent rings.

When succulents and crystals collide, the results are beyond ethereal, and one genius botanical artist, known as Arozona on Instagram, decided to turn this dreamy combo into a wearable accessory rather than just a desk decoration. The intricate handmade rings would be a supercute bridesmaid accessory for boho-themed weddings — or, you know, just for everyday wear. Because just look at them — they're adorable, and the crystals add a glamorous touch, too.

Unfortunately, Arozona hasn't made an online shop for their nature-inspired jewelry yet, although their Instagram bio alludes to having one in the works. While you patiently await these beauties to get on the market, scroll on to admire their cutest succulent rings, both crystal-embellished and not, and you might just be convinced to ditch your diamonds for a day.