49 Easy, Popular Men's Halloween Costumes, From Ken to Indiana Jones

If you're looking for easy, last-minute Halloween costumes for men that are both creative and DIY accessible with normal clothes, the options are truly endless. Whether you turn the old striped T-shirt in your closet into a Where's Waldo? outfit or use it to dress up as a mime, that's just one solid basic for guys that can be repurposed on a whim. Trust us when we tell you that you should never underestimate how easy it is to make a cool or downright hilarious costume with wardrobe essentials you've been wearing for years.

A denim jacket can be transformed into Dustin from "Stranger Things" with the addition of a baseball cap, a flannel, and corduroys just as easily as it can be teamed with a fitted black tee and skinny jeans to take on the T-Bird look from "Grease." Meanwhile, your workout shorts can come in handy for pulling off "Baywatch" vibes, and you can use the very same pair to go as Forrest Gump — as long as you don't mind dirtying up an old white Hanes with a DIY approach. All Machine Gun Kelly needed were leather pants and a white ribbed tank to be the Tommy Lee to Megan Fox's Pamela Anderson last year.

Want to get in on some of the trends predicted to be most popular in 2023? Fashion experts at Boohoo named Indiana Jones, Ted Lasso, and "Barbie"'s Ken and Allan dolls to be the costumes reigning supreme, all of which you can find inspiration for ahead. There's also a good chance that guys will want to channel David Beckham, rocking any number of his jerseys, as his career is documented in a new Netflix miniseries this year. While some of the costumes here do require face paint or accessories, such as masks, wigs, or capes, most can be achieved without spending another dollar. Don't be spooked, because these easy, last-minute Halloween costumes for men are so manageable, anyone can handle them. Take a look at the best costume ideas when you scroll, and get ready to take on Halloween in the most clever and creative ways possible.

Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak and Lauren Harano


Men in Black

This easy men's DIY Halloween costume is about as simple as it comes. Wear a black suit and dark sunglasses, and look as intimidating as you can.


Where's Waldo?

All you need for this super-simple DIY men's Halloween costume are a striped T-shirt, a red beanie, and round optical glasses.


Forrest Gump

If you're ready to "run, Forrest, run" this Halloween, you'll need a dirty white T-shirt, some shorts, a hat (preferably with the Bubba Gump logo), and a very long beard.


Billy From "Stranger Things"

Make double denim cooler than ever when you replicate this "Stranger Things" Halloween costume. Wear a white T-shirt underneath a jean jacket, and grow out your mustache to just the right length.


Green Army Man

Going green never looked so cool. Paint your face green, wear green clothes, and complete the costume with a handmade green platform that you can strike your best army pose on.


Bruce Lee

This easy men's DIY Halloween costume calls for a yellow outfit from head to toe. You can add the signature black stripes down the side quickly with electrical tape. And don't forget your nunchucks.


Ron Swanson From "Parks and Recreation"

You'll need your best surly face and a love of meat, buffets, and meat buffets to pull off the Ron Swanson look. You'll also need khakis, a flannel shirt, and a badass mustache.

A Diver
Getty | Matt Winkelmeyer

A Diver

All this costume requires is your favorite Hawaiian print shirt and shorts, paired with a snorkel and flippers.


The Terminator

Easy and simple, being the Terminator is about as cool as it gets. Wear a black leather jacket with a black shirt and pants, and pair your look with dark sunglasses or draw on face makeup.


Starbucks Barista

PSL season means this is the perfect easy men's Halloween costume. Just pair an everyday outfit (think jeans and a long-sleeved shirt) with a green apron, and you're ready to go. Tote around a Starbucks cup for extra emphasis.



To be Cupid this Halloween, all you need are white clothing (a dress or cloth will work), some sparkles, and heart accessories. If you really want to dress to impress, wear wings and carry an arrow.


Black Panther

Re-create this iconic superhero look by wearing a panther-shaped mask (or by putting on panther ears and drawing on whiskers and a nose) and gold accessories. You can go for the most noticeable Black Panther look by wearing all black, or you can switch things up and wear a patterned skirt or shorts with sandals.



If you've been nothing but good this year, you can dress up as an angel for Halloween. Wear a white shirt, white pants, and a small halo. Top off your look with fluffy white wings.


Sad Clown

Put fake blood on your face from your eyes to your mouth. You can choose to do the noticeable clown-makeup triangles above and below your eyes, or you can skip it. The choice is yours.


Plague Doctor

Be a plague doctor by wearing a large black overcoat, a top hat, and a Venetian long-nose mask. This costume is sure to give people chills.


Back From the Dead

Splatter your clothes in fake blood, wear white zombie-inspired contacts, and attach fake spiders to your outfit. The result? This chilling back-from-the-dead men's Halloween costume.


Clark Kent

For a super-easy DIY men's Halloween costume, opt for a pair of trousers, a white button-down shirt, black glasses, and a tie. Be sure to wear the iconic Superman shirt underneath your button-down.


Archie From "Riverdale"

Throw on your best letterman jacket, casual tee, and jeans, and transform yourself into Archie from "Riverdale." For extra points, make sure to sport his iconic red hair.


"Baywatch" Lifeguards

If you don't mind going shirtless, this costume just requires red swim trunks and a whistle. Running around saving lives is totally optional on your part.


Teen Wolf

Scary, spooky, and totally easy, dressing up as a werewolf is a one-and-done kind of men's Halloween costume. Add a varsity jacket and jeans to your long, wild hair, and you're ready to howl in the moonlight.



You just need a white jacket, gloves, and protective glasses to pull off the scientist look this Halloween. Add a wild wig to achieve the electrifying look.


Dwight Schrute From "The Office"

Pull off the Dwight Schrute look by dressing in casual office attire, a striped tie, a Dunder Mifflin tag, and his classic glasses.


Harry Potter

Harry's outfits vary widely throughout the series, so the crucial parts of this look are just his glasses, wand, and lightning-bolt scar. Ten points to Gryffindor if you also carry a white owl and call her Hedwig.


Dustin From "Stranger Things"

Pull out your sneakers, corduroys, plaid shirt, denim jacket, and ball cap for this "Stranger Things" look.


Half Dead

All you need for this easy men's DIY Halloween costume is face paint, and you're ready to go. You can wear any outfit you want with this look, but black is always a good call.



Wear black pants, a black-and-white striped T-shirt, black gloves, and a black hat. And of course, add the face paint. Keep your mouth shut all night, and use only your hands to communicate.



Face paint and a white shirt are all you need to make this easy men's DIY Halloween costume complete. If you want to make it even creepier, add a little fake blood to your outfit, too.



Be a vampire by dressing up the outfit with a blazer and bow tie. Paint some fake blood on your shirt for effect, and don't forget the vampire teeth.


A T-Bird From "Grease"

You'll need to slick back your hair and carry your comb around to be one of the T-Birds this Halloween. Roll up your black pants a little, and throw on a denim jacket to complete the look.


Woody From "Toy Story"

Dressing up as Woody from "Toy Story" is easier than you might think. Jeans, a yellow shirt, and a cowboy hat will do the trick, and if you're feeling extra creative, you can always put a snake in your boot.



Look, we understand when time gets away from you and your Halloween party is only five minutes away. We also understand that you might have a onesie in your closet, and now is the time to use it.


Neville Longbottom From "Harry Potter"

Throw on an elaborately patterned cardigan, a button-down shirt, and jeans, and carry a blood-stained sword to pull off this Harry Potter character. Bonus points if you have a large fake snake.


Candy Rapper

Twist your words and try out this creative DIY Halloween costume by applying some candy wrappers and a printout of Eminem's face to your hoodie.


Picasso Painting

Go wild splattering yourself with bright colors of paint, and frame yourself in a similarly painted picture frame. Picasso's art is one of a kind, and your Halloween costume will be too.


Damian From "Mean Girls"

Remember when Damian wears a dark sweatshirt with the hood pulled up to hide out among the girls? Wear that exact look with a DIY sign that says "She doesn't even go here!" to re-create this character for Halloween.


A Handsome Devil

Embrace your edgy side when you dress up as the handsome devil you are. All you need are red devil horns and a sinful smirk.


Plankton From "SpongeBob SquarePants"

A green shirt with wire-y antennas and a large eyeball are all you need to be this iconic "SpongeBob SquarePants" character. Complete the easy DIY Halloween costume with an evil grin.


Chick Magnet

If you attract all the chicks, you might as well own it. Turn into the chick magnet that you are by sticking a cutout of a magnet and little chicks to your shirt.


The Brawny Man

Pearly whites and a red button-down are all you need to make this costume complete. Oh, and a thick beard won't hurt either.


Mad-Eye Moody From "Harry Potter"

You can create Mad-Eye's mad eye by cutting a white ball in half and gluing it to a strip of fabric you can tie around your head. Complete the look with a black robe and wand.


Alan From "The Hangover"

Your pet probably won't allow you to carry them around all night, but you can be like Alan from "The Hangover" and wear a baby carrier with a doll in it.



This superhero men's Halloween costume couldn't be easier to pull off — just put fake spiders in your hair.


A Whole Snack

If you know you're a snack, flaunt it. All you have to do for this DIY Halloween costume is put safety-pin candy, sweets, and salty treats onto your shirt, and everyone will eat you up.


Andre 3000 From the "Hey Ya!" Video

You don't need to go shopping to re-create Andre 3000's iconic look from the "Hey Ya!" music video. Just grab a green dress shirt and suspenders, and flat-iron your hair or borrow a straight wig for the occasion.


David Beckham

All you need to do is source a Manchester United jersey to go as a young David Beckham, whose career is celebrated in a new Netflix documentary called "Beckham" this year.



The cowboy essentials might be obvious by now: a suede vest, Western belt and hat, cowboy boots, and bandana tied around the neck are great places to start. Whether you wear slim-fit jeans or rolled denim shorts is your own perogative.


Indiana Jones

All you need to pull off this look is a worn-in brown leather jacket, matching Western hat, and a pair of khaki-toned trousers. Use a rope for full effect.


Ted Lasso and Coach Beard

Pop a collar out of a navy blue sweater and make sure your sidekick is wearing a shiny blue varsity zip-up jacket and reflective sports sunglasses with a baseball hat.


Ken From Greta Gerwig's "Barbie"

Being Ken from Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie is the men's DIY Halloween costume you never predicted to be so easy. Opt for a quirky-printed button-down shirt with retro vibes, and finish the outfit with a pair of chinos, accessorizing with a pink bandana tied around your neck. You can always add platinum hair to really drive home the point.