The Great Debate: Gen-Z vs. Millennial Street Style — Which One Are You?

Age is just a number, especially when it comes to fashion. You should try out the trends you feel comfortable in that flatter your body, whether they reflect the '70s, '90s, or Y2K, or if they offer a fresh, new take on a look that's evolved through the years. But after the great debate about millennial skinny jeans vs. Gen-Z mom jeans surfaced, we looked beyond denim. As it turns out, there are a lot of pieces millennials are known for wearing that Gen-Z would probably skip over. See: long cardigans, heeled booties, tucked-in, fitted shirts, and ballet flats, just to name a few.

The TikTokers here break it down hilariously, so you can determine which outfit combinations speak to you and the group that you fall into — if not technically, then just when it comes to aesthetics. When push comes to shove, are you a millennial or Gen-Z dresser? Just click through to find out. As for myself? I'm a millennial, but my affinity for baggy cargos, sneakers, and crop tops suggests I actually don't dress like one at all. (I also happen to part my hair down the middle, so maybe I was just born in the wrong decade!)

Fitted Top + Blazer vs. Oversize Tee

High-Waist vs. Low-Rise

Denim Shorts vs. Biker Shorts

Thrifting and Crocheting vs. Buying Designer

Tucked-In vs. Cutouts

Tee With Skinnies vs. Crop Top With Mom Jeans

Fitted Sets vs. Baggy Sets

Glam vs. Casual

Heeled Shoes vs. Chunky Sneakers

Long Cardigan vs. Cropped Cardigan

Crewnecks Without Collars vs. Crewnecks With Collars