This Super-Effective Standing Abs Workout Will Leave Your Core Sore — in 10 Minutes

When you want to work your abs without getting on the floor, try this 10-minute standing abs workout. In this core-strengthening routine, you'll do bodyweight moves for your abs, as well as a few using a five- to 10-pound dumbbell to add intensity. This 10-minute standing abs workout features 11 different exercises, including sumo squats with side bends, standing kick crunches, and dumbbell wood chops. Make sure to really focus on using your core muscles when doing these exercises — not momentum. And if holding the dumbbell feels like too much, do these moves without it.

These exercises will not only strengthen the muscles in your core, including your obliques and lower abs, but you'll also work your legs and arms. This strength-training workout will also elevate your heart rate, so you're getting in a quick cardio workout, too. Having a strong core isn't just for looks! It can prevent back pain, is essential for stabilizing your spine to improve your posture and prevent injury, and will help you during other workouts like running, HIIT, and weightlifting.

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