I'm Shocked a 20-Minute, Full-Body Pilates Workout Made Me This Sore — With Just 3-Pound Weights!

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Take your Pilates workout to a whole other level by adding weights! Expert Pilates instructor Isa Welly posted this 20-minute, full-body, intermediate workout, which she said beginners can do by just modifying the moves or by using no weights. But, she said that the workout is "quite spicy," so it'd be best for those with some Pilates experience to try it out.

Welly told POPSUGAR that she used a pair 1.5 kg dumbbells (around three pounds), and said one kg is a bit low, and two kg can be a bit much. Adjust the weights for your own ability and experience. This workout will help you build strength, balance, and power. If you've never done a workout with Welly, you'll love her fun, positive energy and her singing. I was shocked I was this sore from using just lightweight dumbbells. The dumbbell roll-down and the double leg lifts were so hard, but so good!