Say Hello to the 8 Biggest Fitness and Health Trends For 2018

When you live in New York City, you get prime intel on what trends are coming down the pipeline. Whether it's that pretty drink sure to take over your Insta feed or the workout class every model and celebrity is obsessed with, it seems they often start in the Big Apple. Of course, that doesn't mean you need to live there to take advantage. These NYC influencers are dishing on what they predict the hottest fitness and health trends will be in the new year. (Spoiler alert — you can do them from anywhere!)



"Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It gives our skin strength and elasticity and replaces dead cells. It's critical for hair, nails, and digestion and basically glues our joints and tendons together. Unfortunately, production slows down in your 20s, so it's important to supplement. We put powder in our smoothies or coffee daily! Collagen latte, anyone?" — Elizabeth and Dale, @sweatsandthecity


Plant-Based Diets

"This past year, we've seen the emergence of superfoods like matcha and turmeric. While these may come and go, I think people are understanding that a vegan or mainly plant-based diet is best for their health. With documentaries like What the Health rising in popularity, I would expect more and more plant protein alternatives to hit the market next year." — Traci Copeland, @traco4


Mindful Workouts

"Much to my delight, I've noticed a growing interest in 'mindful' workouts, whether that be restorative yoga, meditation, or even recovery-centric classes. I feel like the concept of meditation specifically is going to gain even more popularity in 2018, especially in places like NYC, which fosters such fast-paced living. Studios like Inscape, apps like Headspace, and even nail salons like Sundays (which offers manis with guided mediation) are making the art of slowing down accessible and obtainable for anyone!" — Melanie Torres, @headstandsandheels



"CBD oil is popping up all over the city, whether it's in an infused latte, chocolates, or oil drops. The oil is all-natural and legal. It's not psychoactive, meaning it doesn't cause one to 'get high.' Rather, it actually has tons of benefits like relieving pain and inflammation, relieving nausea, and promoting cardiovascular health." — Bec Donlan, @sweatwithbec



"Matcha was coffee's biggest competition in 2017, with many opting to get their caffeine fix from this Japanese tea instead. In 2018, I think maca will take center stage. Several studies have pointed out the energy-boosting effects — both Spanish and Incan warriors used to consume it before going into battle!" — Ally Love, @allymisslove


Embracing Your Shape

"Instead of heavy dieting and exercise to lose weight, we're seeing women focus a lot more on accepting who they are within a healthy lifestyle. There's a lot more education out there now on maintaining a positive balance when it comes to food as opposed to fad diets or quick-fix cleanses. It's exciting to see!" — Brooke and Ellie of @fitwithbae


Gut Health

"I think 2018 will be the year we truly learn how to listen to our bodies and know how to act on the information it tells us. People are finally starting to be more open about gastrointestinal issues and hormones. It isn't a glamorous topic to discuss, but it's so needed. So, instead of trying to mimic a stranger's diet on Instagram, why not follow your gut and test what makes you feel good?" — Jules Hunt, @omandthecity


On-Demand Workouts

"Until recently, the only way you could experience a boutique fitness class was to actually go to the studio. Now, there are a ton of ways to bring that workout and even sense of community into your own home. Peloton lets you stream cycling classes from any bike, for a subscription price much cheaper than a gym membership. Flywheel also has a new Fly Anywhere bike and ClassPass is launching its own brand of live streaming workouts. I believe this is just the beginning." — Kayla Kleinman, @kaylakleinman