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Bob Harper Yoga Tips

Think Yoga Is "Too Slow" or Not Competitive Enough? Bob Harper Will Change Your Mind

A post shared by Bob Harper (@bobharper) on

Bob Harper is known and loved for his ruthless training tactics on The Biggest Loser. You could always find him screaming until his throat hurt, sweating until there were no towels left, and pushing contestants to be the absolute best version of themselves. But everything about Bob's savage fitness mentality changed when he suffered a heart attack in February. He had to slow down his workouts tremendously, and he's working harder than ever to get his strength back.

He gave up his CrossFit-obsessed regimen and had to approach exercise in an entirely different way, meaning those explosive, holy sh*t I'm going to collapse workouts became a thing of the past. While speaking to POPSUGAR, Bob revealed the one new workout he's taken up since his health scare, and it's something he really never thought he'd enjoy so much: yoga.

Like many others, Bob "used to hate yoga." It was so far from the screaming, dripping-sweat, fierce workouts he was so used to (and impeccably skilled at) that he couldn't enjoy it. Before his heart attack, his competitiveness stood in the way of his being able to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

"For me, to get into a class and be next to somebody who can do all this crazy sh*t, and I can't do any of that stuff!" he told us, explaining why yoga used to be so frustrating. "And it's OK now, because I'm not in competition with anybody; I'm just doing the best that I can."

To be able to go into a class and be so self-aware is the best way for anyone to make the most of their practice. Bob's advice is so important to everyone; whether you're a zen master or you stay away from the Om zone, it's an inspiring reminder.

"I just like to go in there and sweat," he shared. "It feels good, and that's enough."

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