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Halle Berry's Full-Body Workout: Strength and Cardio Circuit

Grab 2 Dumbbells, and Work Your Entire Body With Halle Berry's 15-Minute Butt-Kicking Circuit

Halle Berry's Full-Body Workout: Strength and Cardio Circuit
Image Source: Getty / Amy Sussman

Halle Berry knows a thing or two about being busy, but a jam-packed schedule isn't going to stop her from working out. For her "Fitness Friday" post, Halle shared a 15-minute, full-body circuit that "can be squeezed into nearly every schedule," she said in her Instagram caption.

Halle never lets us down when it comes to her workouts, and we're definitely ready to give this one a shot. It's a combination of strength and cardio, and all you need are two dumbbells to do it. "I'm not kidding when I say it will kick your butt," she playfully warned. If this sounds exactly like what you need on a busy day, keep reading.

Halle Berry's 15-Minute Strength and Cardio Circuit

  • Single-dumbbell front squat: one minute
  • Double-dumbbell skier swing: one minute
  • Single-dumbbell squat and press: one minute
  • Kneeling curl, press, and overhead triceps extension: one minute
  • Plyo push-up: one minute
  • Single-dumbbell row: one minute
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