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Kettlebell Workout

If You Want to Get a Stronger Core, Do This Kettlebell Workout ASAP

Kettlebell Workout
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock

Doing the same thing at the gym day-in and day-out can certainly get mundane. One easy way to mix things up in your fitness routine? Reaching for a kettlebell. Sure, they may look a little odd, but the bell-shaped fitness tool can help scorch calories and tone all over. One University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse study even shows that kettlebells can improve core strength up to 70 percent while boosting balance, explosive power, and aerobic capacity.

"Kettlebells are my favorite piece of equipment because they are so versatile for both strength movements as well as dynamic conditioning drills," says Alex Silver-Fagan. "Plus, the distribution of weight makes using a kettlebell more comfortable than a dumbbell. Rather than balancing the weight on your hand, the weight is wrapped around your hand and moves with you."

Whether you're a seasoned kettlebell user or a total newbie, Silver-Fagan has a great total-body kettlebell workout that'll make you sweat. Do three rounds of the below movements, resting for one minute between each circuit.

The Workout:

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