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Polish Off a Pint of This Ice Cream, Get 40 Grams of Protein: Who’s the Real Winner?

We've seen our share of healthy ice creams this year, from Halo Top (reigning taste test champion) to Enlightened to even Greek yogurt options like Yasso. In fact, there are so many options now, it can be hard to choose. So when ProYo's low-fat, high-protein ice cream came into our office, we were wondering if it could hold up against the competition. Spoiler alert: it did — in spades.

The frosty treats use a split of real sugar and sugar alcohol (sugar alcohol that is also used in Halo Top) to create a lower-sugar option while minimizing the "chemical" taste, and it payed off — from "Shockingly delightful" mint chip to the universally adored coconut (a typically polarizing flavor), Pro-Yo blew us away. While ProYo is twice as high in calories (their vanilla is 120 per serving versus Halo Top vanilla's 60), it also doubles the protein content with 10 grams per half cup. ProYo is still low-fat, though carb content is higher in ProYo than it is in Halo Top.


  • "If you mix this and the mocha, it tastes like a cold Almond Joy bar (in a good way, of course)"
  • "I second that ^^^"
  • "Strong flavor!"
  • "Shockingly good!"
  • "Delicious creamy coconut flavor! YUM!!"
  • "Amazing! So good!"

Mint Chip

  • So good!"
  • "This is amazing. Doesn't even taste like gross protein powder."
  • "This is yummy! I normally don't like mint chocolate chip."
  • "So good!! Shockingly delightful."

Dark Chocolate Toffee

  • "Rich flavor, perfect hint of toffee."
  • "Perfect sweetness level."
  • "This is great! Didn't think I was going to like it!"
  • "Love it! It's thick in consistency, but in a good way."


  • "Yummerz."
  • "Dutch AF."
  • "Tastes like a chocolate shake."


  • "It's good, but tastes very much like a protein shake."
  • "Good — kinda minty?"
  • "Great vanilla flavor."
  • "FAV."


  • "Good as chocolate, but hardly any coffee."
  • "More chocolate than mocha."
  • "Tasty, but a bit of an odd texture."
  • "Sweet, but no coffee flavor!"

Blueberry Pomegranate

  • "Really like the fruity taste."
  • "No."
  • "Tastes like a Go-Gurt yogurt."

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Dominique Astorino
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