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Toddler Doing CrossFit Wall Balls

This CrossFit Toddler Is Crushing Wall Balls and Making Us Look Like Rookies

This little cutie-pie was keeping a close eye on his wall-balling mommy and is showing off his own badass CrossFit skills. Posted on CrossFit's official Instagram page, this is proof that if you think your kids aren't watching you, you're wrong! Show them how fit, strong, and healthy you can be, and it'll inspire them to be the same.

If you've never tried wall balls before, they are the ultimate exercise because they combine strength training with cardio. Holding a weighted ball, eight to 20 pounds, you squat down, and as you stand, you throw the ball up to a target on a rig or against a wall. When the ball comes down, you catch it as you drop into a squat, then keep going. Not only are your thighs and butt on fire, but your upper body is burning, too, all while your heart is pumping out of your chest. This toddler is already living and breathing wall balls — he'll be ready for the CrossFit Games in no time!

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