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Man Does Turkish Get-Ups Holding a Woman

When You're Strong AF, You Lift a Woman Instead of a Kettlebell

This move right here is pretty standard in CrossFit. Known as the Turkish Get-Up, it's insanely hard because it not only challenges your sense of balance, but since you can only hold the weight in one hand as you move from lying down to standing, it also requires an immense amount of strength.

CrossFit's official Instagram page reposted this video, because we all need to see this! It's usually performed with a kettlebell, but you know, maybe this guy's box doesn't have a heavy enough weight for him. Oh well. I guess he'll just have to use an actual woman. Talk about functional fitness! If he ever needs to carry a person across, say, a rushing river, while maybe his other hand is holding his dog or a bag of groceries, he'll handle it with no problem.

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