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Trader Joe's Sriracha Baked Tofu

Our Mouths Are Watering at the Thought of Trader Joe's Sriracha Baked Tofu

When we stumbled upon this Trader Joe's find, we almost put our running shoes on to sprint to the grocery store chain. It's not just baked tofu; it's sriracha-flavored baked tofu! Let that sink in for a second and grab a tissue for the drool that will soon occur. The vegan tofu is made from soybeans, of course, then marinated in spicy sriracha for 12 hours to absorb the sauce before it's baked and packaged up. You can eat it straight out of the package or cook it and enjoy it mixed in with other dishes. The $3.69 price tag is a steal for the amount of joy that each bite will bring.

Image Source: Trader Joes
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