I Took CBD Before 5 Different Workouts — Here's What Happened

POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd

Since first trying CBD oil for anxiety, I've dived into the world of using this anti-inflammatory supersupplement in a myriad of ways. And when doctors told me it was safe to take before a workout, I decided that was my next trial: how would CBD affect different workouts?

Put simply, it really doesn't. I know — anticlimactic! You were probably waiting for some kind of dramatic result and a recount of how different I felt in boot camp vs. yoga — I was too! But that's sort of the whole point with CBD, and I can't emphasize this enough: it's less about what you feel and more about what you don't feel.

CBD eliminates (or significantly lessens) feelings of anxiety and physical pain, but it doesn't add anything. Because it's from a cannabis plant (typically, but not always), people associate CBD with THC and think, "If it's marijuana related, I'm gonna get stoned." Even after explaining that CBD is the nonpsychoactive compound of cannabis, people still think it means they'll get some kind of high, just a milder or less intense one. Incorrect.

I took my CBD oils or capsules on different days before a variety of different classes: Orangetheory Fitness circuit training, a Barry's Bootcamp HIIT class, SoulCycle indoor cycling, yoga, and Bodyrok Megaformer. The biggest takeaway? No adverse side effects (I will say, however, that with yoga in particular, CBD can really help quiet your mind and turn off the anxious part of your brain so you can really get into your meditation and Savasana!).

Here's what you can expect to feel: normal! Energized. Focused. At ease. You don't feel sedated or "too chill" to crush your workout, but you also won't feel hyped up, either. You'll honestly just feel like your best, most regular self because CBD helps bring your body to its stress-free, less-inflamed homeostasis.

So if you're afraid to take CBD before you head to the gym or studio, fear not. You legitimately won't feel a thing. Plus, it'll aid in your post-workout recovery. So dive right on into your own CBD wellness regimen, and don't worry about how it's going to impact your day-to-day activities.

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