If You're Obsessed With Cauliflower These Memes Will Make Your Cruciferous-Loving Day

Cauliflower is the superhero of veggies. Between being used to make pizza crust, a side of mashed potatoes, your breakfast oatmeal, rice with beans, creamy mac and cheese, and vegan buffalo "wings," is there any food cauliflower can't be substituted for? If you're obsessed with this white veggie, you'll love these cauliflower memes.


(Asking for a friend.)

Seriously. Cauliflower crust just isn't the same.

Bye bye rice, pasta, and my will to live.

I'm giddy! Let's share recipes!

Can't fool me!

What's next?


It's so creamy. For real!

Is it?!

Mark Twain knows all.