Learn Basic CrossFit Terms So You'll Look Like a Pro When You Step Into a Box For the First Time

Walking into a CrossFit gym (also called a box) can be like walking into a new country — you'll hear some words and phrases that are completely foreign to you. Here's a cheat sheet for beginners so you'll know exactly what all these CrossFit terms mean.

  • AMRAP: This stands for "as many rounds as possible," and it's written on workouts that have a specific time cap, say 12 minutes, and require you to move fast to get in as many rounds as you can. An example workout would be this 20-minute AMRAP workout, where you have to repeat this routine as many times as you can in 20 minutes: 10 box jumps, 10 ball slams, 10 burpees, and two minutes of cardio.
  • AQAP: This stands for "as quickly as possible," and it pushes you to move as fast as you can. An example workout would be 100 burpees AQAP.
  • Box: As mentioned above, this is another word for gym. A box is also a piece of equipment used to do box jumps and box step-ups.
  • Chest to deck: When you're doing push-ups, it's not considered a rep unless your chest touches the floor.
  • DB: This stands for "dumbbell."
  • Double-unders: When jumping rope, the rope passes underneath your feet twice between jumps.
  • EMOM or EMOTM: This stands for "every minute on the minute," and it's used in workouts where you change up the exercise you're doing every minute. An example would be this 30-minute CrossFit HIIT workout. Every time 60 seconds is up, you switch to the next move.
  • HSPU: This stands for "handstand push-up."
  • No rep: If you don't perform the exercise correctly, like you don't get your chin over the bar in a pull-up, it's considered a no rep, which means it doesn't count and you need to do it again correctly.
  • PR: This stands for "personal record." Someone might say, "I beat my PR for the deadlift today."
  • Rep: This stands for "repetition." For example, a workout might consist of 20 reps of burpees.
  • Rx or Rx'd: This means "as prescribed." Many workouts are written with specific rep and weight targets, so if you complete the workout Rx, which is usually the hardest variation of the workout, you're basically badass. An example would be a 20-minute AMRAP of four dumbbell thrusters (with 35-pound dumbbells), six toes-to-bars, and 24 double-unders.
  • Scaled: If you're unable to do a workout Rx, then you do it scaled, which means it's an easier variation. So for the above 20-minute AMRAP, the scaled workout might be four dumbbell thrusters (with 15-pound dumbbells), six knees-to-chests, and 24 single-unders.
  • T2B: This stands for toes-to-bar, which is a CrossFit gymnastics movement where you hang from a bar and raise your toes to tap it.
  • WOD: Probably the most common CrossFit term, this stands for "workout of the day." CrossFit gyms post one workout each day that members can do no matter what time they go to class.

These are the basic terms you'd come across at most CrossFit gyms. Of course, CrossFit also has specific exercises with weird names (like thrusters and wall balls), but no need to learn everything all at once! You'll slowly soak in everything found in the CrossFit world, and once you do, you'll know why everyone else is obsessed! Image Source: Getty / IngredientsPhoto