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20-Minute CrossFit AMRAP Workout

This 20-Minute CrossFit Workout Will Push You Hard and Make You Feel Alive

20-Minute CrossFit AMRAP Workout

You might ask: what's the purpose of this total-body workout? The answer, at least from a CrossFit point of view, is to have you breathing heavily for 20 minutes straight, target every part of your body, and make you feel energized and alive!

This is an AMRAP workout, which stands for "as many rounds as possible." Just set the timer for 20 minutes, and move through as many rounds of the workout below, which includes three dynamic exercises followed by two minutes on a cardio machine. Since the rep count is low, you'll be able to move quickly between exercises, making this workout fast-paced and fun (seriously!).

Jade Jenny, head CrossFit coach and owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit, says whatever you do, keep moving, and pace yourself so you'll have enough gas to keep going. You choose how hard you want to push it in the cardio section. All your reps, before the cardio portion, should take around two to three minutes of pure intensity to complete, so feel free to use the first 30 seconds of cardio to recover if you need to — or go hard; it's up to you! Remember it's just 20 minutes, so you can rest after you're done.

20-Minute CrossFit AMRAP Workout

Equipment needed: sturdy box or bench (20 inches high, or lower if you are a beginner or under 5 feet tall), medicine ball (eight to 40 pounds), cardio machine (rower, bike, treadmill; if you don't have a machine, jump rope or jog in place)

Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete the below AMRAP workout until 20 minutes are up, with no rest in between exercises — keeping good form. Aim to complete at least four rounds. If you need more details on each exercise, see the instructions ahead.

After the workout, be sure to do these essential post-workout stretches, or grab a foam roller for your legs and butt.

20-Minute CrossFit AMRAP Workout
10 box jumps
10 ball slams
10 burpees
2 minutes of cardio
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