These 18 Halloween Costume Ideas Can Be Worn to the Gym *and* the After Party

Halloween isn't just for kids. In fact, the Oct. 31 holiday is arguably more fun for adults. Not only do you have some amazingly easy costume ideas and spiked witch's brew, but you also have lots of candy options. Plus, it comes with the added bonus that you're a grown adult who can choose to eat Reese's peanut butter cups for breakfast without a meddling parent saying you can't. But just so you know, Halloween doesn't have to be spent or limited to crowded themed parties, vegging out on the couch with a Netflix horror movie marathon, or walking your kids around the block to trick-or-treat. Step outside the box this year and show off your spooky season spirit in an unlikely setting: the gym.

As more and more gyms celebrate Halloween, people are encouraged to dress up and get festive for their workouts. But, as you can imagine, it's pretty difficult to get in a full-body workout if you're wearing, say, a Jessica Rabbit gown and heels, or even a Thor muscle body suit. So instead, skip the added bulk of an elaborate costume for the gym this year and take the following athletic costume ideas as inspiration for what may very well be the best workout of your year. Not only do these clever gym Halloween costumes look great, but you can still jump, squat, lift, and row in these comfortable getups. These athleisure-inspired Halloween costumes are sure to put you in the best mood — even while you break a sweat.

— Additional reporting by Maggie Ryan and Melissa Santoyo

Gym Halloween Costume: Wonder Woman

Show off your muscles and Amazonian-like strength with a Wonder Woman costume. To complete the look, add the iconic headband and — if it's not too much of a hassle to move in — the arm bands too.

Gym Halloween Costume: Superman

The breathability of store-bought Halloween costumes is questionable, but these onesies still allow for plenty of movement and flexibility for your workout. Maybe for this Superman look, you can ditch the sweat-inducing cardio sessions and opt for a muscle-building routine instead.

Gym Halloween Costume: Daenerys Targaryen

Channel the Mother of Dragons in a costume that is both fun and fierce. When you're dressed like a queen, it's almost impossible not to feel empowered to go the extra mile on that treadmill.

Gym Halloween Costume: Powerpuff Girls

Grab a couple of your gym buddies and some blue, pink, and green shirts to complete this easy look.

Gym Halloween Costume: Sexy Devil

Give your black leggings and black sports bra a devilish makeover with a red cape, some corns, and a pitchfork.

Gym Halloween Costume: Ninja Turtles

These Ninja Turtle costumes allow you to move while still looking like a badass. Bonus points if you get pizza after your workout.

Gym Halloween Costume: Disney Characters

Even if you're not running the Disney half marathon, you can dress up as your favorite Disney character and go for a run or hit the gym.

Gym Halloween Costume: Rosie the Riveter

There's nothing more inspirational than chanting "we can do it!" at the gym. With a red bandana headband, denim button-up, and leggings, you can still crush your strength-training workout.

Gym Halloween Costume: Banana

You wouldn't think a banana costume would allow for much movement, but the cutouts in this costume, paired with an all-black ensemble, makes for a versatile look you can rock on the rower or any piece of gym equipment.

Gym Halloween Costume: Easter Bunny

If you're looking for a fun take on an animal costume for the gym, this exercising bunny is the move. Oh, and the fun, DIY dumbells? They make for a unique touch to an otherwise classic getup.

Gym Halloween Costume: Maleficent

A Maleficent gym costume can be as simple or as complex as you want; go all out with makeup and mesh tights, or just add a black-horned headband to your black leggings and call it a day.

Gym Halloween Costume: Clown

Throw on some sweat-proof face paint and rock out to your favorite dance cardio class in this spooky ensemble. You could also skip the makeup and just stick to a classic clown outfit with the red button nose.

Gym Halloween Costume: Poop Emoji

These poop emoji costumes may seem cumbersome, but if you wear your workout gear underneath, you can still lift and move.

Gym Halloween Costume: Skeleton

This one is as easy as it gets. Just wear a bone print shirt and pair it with some matching leggings. Then, finish off the look with a mask to fully complete the vibe.

Gym Halloween Costume: Witch

When in doubt, opt for a classic. With a pointy hat as the key element, a witch costume is easy to customize and works great with athleisure.

Gym Halloween Costume: Leprechaun

Who says leprechauns are only for St. Patrick's Day? Throw on a top hat and a green outfit for your Halloween workout.

Gym Halloween Costume: Unicorn

Grab some colorful and sparkly workout gear, and finish the look off with a rainbow tutu and a horn. Unicorns can be beautiful and strong!

Gym Halloween Costume: Vampire

Throw on a Count Dracula cape and some fake fangs, and you've got yourself a gym-ready vampire costume. Just move the cape off to the side if it gets in the way of your burpees.