It's Scary How Good These TikTok-Inspired Halloween Party Ideas Are

Spooky season is upon us, and we're already thinking about our favorite Halloween traditions. One of our favorite ways to celebrate the holiday is by hosting a Halloween party. Planning the perfect Halloween party is a fun way to get your family and friends together for the spookiest day of the year, not to mention it's the perfect excuse to go all out on a costume. Planning a party allows you to flex your creativity while tackling invites, food, decor and more.

If you want to host a Halloween party this year but are short on inspo, you're in luck because TikTok has you covered. With these TikTok-inspired Halloween party themes, you'll be sure host your most epic holiday party yet.

Hocus Pocus Party

We smell children! Pay homage to an all-time Halloween film favorite and throw a Hocus Pocus party. Leave your brooms by the door, please.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Jack Skellington balloons and an affordable backdrop are an easy way to incorporate The Nightmare Before Christmas into your gathering. The more themed decorations the better!

Friday the 13th Party

An overload of red icing and a chef's knife come together to make an eerily appropriate Friday the 13th cake. Make some paper hockey masks to pay tribute to Jason.

Culinary Craft Party

If you're not drawn to a specific theme, put the focus on food! Prepare a festive spread of

Halloween snacks

, and include culinary-centered activities like a cookie decorating station.

Paint, Sip, and Movie Night

Put on your favorite Halloween movie, and break out the paintbrushes and canvases. This interactive Halloween party idea is a great way to spend some time being creative with your friends. Plus, your guests get to go home with a memorable party favor.

Alice In Wonderland Party

Old-school Disney fans can take the spookier elements of Alice in Wonderland and turn them into an unforgettable Halloween event. Splatter playing cards and white flowers with fake blood for some on-theme decor.

Gory Thriller Party

If a cutesy Halloween isn't your thing, take inspiration from TikTok and turn your home into a gory masterpiece usually only seen in slasher films. Decorate with fake blood, and serve guests blood bags with boozy beverages.

Haunted House Party

Combine the classic Halloween events of a haunted house and a Halloween party by turning your home into Spook City, and giving your guests a frightful evening to remember.

Classic Halloween Party

There's nothing wrong with the classics. After all, they're classic for a reason. Throw a nostalgic party that reminds you of treasured Halloweens from your childhood. Think lots of pumpkins, skeletons, and orange and black everything.

Ghostbusters Party

When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters, duh. Caution tape, colorful balloons, and a Ghostbusters flag are easy ways to bring the iconic theme to life.

Harry Potter Party

Let witchcraft and wizardry be your guide for creating a magical Harry Potter themed Halloween party. Ten points for every (fake) candle you hang from the ceiling.

Backyard Halloween Movie Screening

Take the party outside and screen your favorite Halloween films. Decorate your outdoor space with twinkly lights and creepy lawn sculptures. Don't forget the popcorn!