Jessica Simpson's Daily Workout Is Surprisingly Simple

Jessica Simpson has always been vocal about her weight-loss goals, from becoming a Weight Watchers spokeswoman to showcasing her hard work in the gym with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. So when she debuted her new activewear line, The Warm Up, this month, she had our attention. The line, available at Macy's as part of her current clothing collection, features flattering cuts and a wide range of sizes and is made for every woman. "As with everything we do, we want women to feel good in their skin and what they're wearing," Jessica recently told us. "Our busy lifestyles can take us from the gym to errands or out to lunch, so the styles have to be cute and versatile, but entirely functional for your workouts." Her favorites: the spaghetti strap sports bra ($15, originally $32) and the "You Don't Know Squat" tank ($32).

When it comes to fitness recommendations, we'll take them from Jessica, who lost 60 pounds after her second pregnancy and continues to wow. So what does she do when she's rocking her new performance apparel line? Jessica's workout is surprisingly simple and one we all can copy. "I walk three miles a day," she says. "Eric and I love taking the kids out for long walks in the neighborhood; chasing them around our yard is a workout all its own!" She also spends time on the treadmill instead of the couch. "I love my treadmill, it's great 'me time'," she explains. "I walk and walk while I catch up on my shows."

In addition to walking every day, Jessica's strength-training routine is just as easy to emulate. To sculpt definition in her legs, she also adds squats, uphill lunges, resistance band exercises, and exercises on the BOSU. Check out some of our moves below to get legs like Jessica!