A 7-Day Wake-Up Program to Help Train You For Morning Workouts

Morning workouts aren't for everyone, but they can be life-changing once you make them part of your routine. If waking up in the morning is already your biggest challenge, you may want to try easing into things to help you form a new habit. I've made the mistake of launching straight into early workouts, when in reality I shouldn't have expected to change overnight. Just like how developing any new skill requires discipline and practice, so does becoming a morning-workout person. By the end of this seven-day program, waking up early should be a little less painful for you. But remember: baby steps.


Set your alarm for just 15 minutes before your usual wake-up time. Not too bad, right? Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, opt for a glass of water first thing to replenish your body and give you an instant boost. Next, try some stretches before starting to get ready for your day.


Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier and try an energizing yoga sequence. You want the flow to be simple enough to ease into but effective enough to get your blood pumping.


Wake up 30 minutes earlier for a quick walk or jog around your neighborhood. To really get you pumped, listen to this hip-hop playlist that's timed perfectly for your half-hour head start.


Rise 45 minutes earlier for a HIIT workout at home. Sweating along to a fun playlist will help prevent you from crawling back into bed.


You're ready to wake up a full hour earlier! Treat yourself to your favorite workout class if you can or opt for a neighborhood run followed by a celebratory coffee from your favorite cafe.


I know it's Saturday, but you're almost there! Skip sleeping in this weekend to keep the momentum going, and set your alarm for an hour earlier again. Commit to a workout class you love — bonus points if you bring a workout buddy to hold each other accountable.


It's your last day of wake-up practice and you've got this. Rise an hour and a half earlier for a sunrise hike or any other outdoor activity, and get ready to officially become a morning-workout person starting tomorrow.