You'll Want to Live Inside This Gorgeously Decorated Matcha Cafe

Listen up, millennials. We know you're super hyped on matcha. And health-centric cafes. And blush pink. And gold flatware and all things marble. Holy Matcha — an Instagram mecca in Southern California — also knows these things. The matcha-inspired cafe has only been open for a little over a month, but it has accumulated hundreds (if not thousands) of Instagrams on its geotag. The restaurant is known for matcha lattes (weight-loss wonders, BTW) and drinks, vegan doughnuts, chia pudding, and avocado toast (pretty reasonably priced, might we add) — but even more known for its all-pink, hyper-'grammable aesthetic. Behold the restaurant that may or may not be your REM cycles made into reality.

Welcome to Holy Matcha, an Instagrammer's Paradise in San Diego

You'll likely want to move here.

Everything That Exists at Holy Matcha Exists to Serve Your Instagramming Needs

And we mean e. ve. ry. thing.

From the Blush Pink Velvet Benches

To the Palm-Print Wallpaper

So Beverly Hills meets Palm Springs meets Palm Beach meets #aesthetic.

To the Matcha Powder Stencils

To the Millennial Pink Fur Pillows


Oh, and Did We Mention the Neon Sign?

Because of Course!

You have to have a neon sign. If you don't have a neon sign, it's like social suicide.

Just Think of the Boomerangs You'll Get at This Place


Oh, BTW, There's Also, Like . . . Food Here

You can definitely eat some things and get matcha. Also, the doughnuts are vegan. So chic.

And It's Obviously EXTREMELY Instagrammable and Served on Blush Pink Plates With Gold Flatware

What good is your healthy food if you can't get pictures of it?

Hopefully Your Matcha Doesn't Get Cold While You Nail the Shot . . .

Good thing chia pudding is cold.

. . . on a Marble Table (Duh)

But Hold the F*ck Up, There's Also a WALL MADE OF ROSES

Pink ones, obviously.

Perfect For That Selfie Your Grid Totally Needs

And For a #HoldingThings Picture

And For a Shot of Your Pink Mason Jar

Is there anything more quintessentially millennial than a pink mason jar? Also . . . umbrellas for your drinks.

And to Match Your Millennial Pink Hair to a Millennial Pink Background

God, our generation is impressive.