Forget the Dumbbells: All You Need Is a Pumpkin For These 8 Crazy-Good Workouts

Between sugary Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all that seriously addicting Halloween candy, Fall can be a time when a sweet tooth gets the best of us (and that's OK!). But there's no better way to balance out the indulgences of cooler months than with the seasonal icon itself: a pumpkin. Swap out your dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls for a festive pumpkin workout. You'll feel your whole body working.

The best part is, you don't even have to go the gym! Whether you borrow your neighbor's pumpkin for one of these quick and easy workouts (we won't tell), or you grab it off your front lawn, these equipment-free routines will have you sweating it out in no time. Read on to see some awesome pumpkin workouts from trainers on Instagram, and make sure your form is on point with this festive workout guide. Plus, check out this follow-along video from Class FitSugar afterward.

— Additional reporting by Sam Brodsky


This workout from Barry's trainer Shauna Harrison incorporates toe taps, lateral hops, tuck jumps, and squat variations called "squat touches."


For this pumpkin workout, you'll do each move for 30 seconds and repeat the whole thing once more for a total of two rounds. The moves are as follows: squat and press, woodchop, lunge and twist, speed skater, side lunge and press, sit-up and press, weighted crunch, Russian twist, and scissor and press.


Toe taps, squats, deadlifts, side-to-side jumps, "monster" walks, and jump squats make up the bulk of this workout from NASM-certified trainer MaryKate Schmidt. You'll do as many rounds as possible, 20 reps of each, then complete one round of 20 mountain climber twists, Russian twists, and partner squat tosses.


Here's the lowdown: Do 60 seconds each of single-leg pumpkin circles, squat to press, narrow push-ups, lunge and twist, and lateral jumps. Repeat for five rounds, and make sure you rest for one-to-two minutes between rounds.


Do one minute each of pumpkin squat press, alternating lunge and twist, alternating elevated push-up, sit-up and reach, and half burpee pumpkin press. Rest for one minute and repeat this circuit four more times.


Are you up for the following moves? Push-ups with your opposite arm and leg elevated, pumpkin sit-up twists, push-ups with pumpkin taps, and modified pumpkin v-ups. This trainer doesn't specify how many reps or rounds you should do, but use this as motivation for your next workout.


This Tabata sequence features pumpkin shuffles done for eight rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Give it a try!