Get Ripped Abs With This Weird but Really Effective Move on the Rowing Machine

The rower is one of the best cardio machines because it's a fun way to burn an insane amount of calories — 43 calories in five minutes, to be exact, which is slightly less than running or biking. What's even better is that it strengthens your legs and your upper body, so it's a great total-body workout.

Once you're done with your rowing workout, don't just walk away! Flip around and do this intense core workout that Kirk Myers, cofounder of NYC gym Dogpound, posted on its Instagram. Facing away from the rower, place your feet on the seat and your hands in plank position. Then, just like you would use a TRX or a towel, draw your feet in and pike your hips up. Focus on engaging your core to do all the work to stabilize your body. Also do variations where you bring your knees in toward the chest and also to each side. It'll only take a few reps, but you'll be feeling this during and after the workout!