Always Wanted to Try Y7 Yoga? You Can Now Flow to the Beat at Home For Just $16 a Month

If you've ever taken a Y7 yoga class in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, you know just how immersive and transformational it can be. This is not just a class, it's an experience — and whether you've been missing your favorite rhythmic sweat sessions or you've only dreamed of being able to attend one in person, get ready to "sweat that sh*t out," because you can now recreate the candlelit hip-hop séance at home, as often as you want.

Y7 now offers an online unlimited plan for — get this — less than the cost of a studio class. After a seven-day free trial, you can take any class, any time for $16 a month (compared to a $25 drop-in class), or $170 a year (less than a 10-class pack at a studio).

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Y7 Online allows you to join "a tribe called sweat" from your living room, with unlimited flows, livestream classes, custom playlists (the studio is best known for its bumping music), access to instructors, and some new class formats you haven't seen in the studios before. If you're already a Y7 fan, you're going to be thrilled, and if you have yet to try this sexy, supersweaty fitness experience, you're going to be hooked. Even those who "hate yoga" have been converted and become devotees of these ultratrendy urban studios.

So get yourself some candles, dim the lights, roll at your mat, have some water and towels on hand, turn up the volume, and get that 7-day free trial rolling. "60 minutes, zero f*cks."