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Luke's Diner Images For Gilmore Girls on Netflix

What It Was Really Like Going to Luke's Cafe (a First-Hand Experience)

When I found out a Luke's Cafe pop-up was a block away from my bus stop for work, I dragged my boyfriend with me during the wee hours of the morning to see what all the fuss was about. The promise of free coffee didn't seem to outweigh the pain of having to deal with a crowd, in his opinion, and I can't say I didn't blame him. Somehow, I thought with over 200 locations scattered around the States, we had a high chance of getting in and out in a reasonable amonth of time.

However, by the time we arrived, there was a line of people (mostly women my age) that stretched for a few blocks. Security guards tamed the crowd and kept the flow going. We both groaned, but I said, "Well, let me just take a few photos inside and we can go!"

We squished our way inside the coffee shop-turned-Luke's Diner. Large cardboard cut-outs of Luke's mug covered any logos around the cafe. It looked slightly makeshift, but that didn't stop crowds of women from using them as the perfect selfie backdrop. "No Cell Phones" signs were plastered to the wall, and it threw me off guard for a second, before I remembered it's a key detail in Luke's Diner and of course cell phones would be allowed at a promo event.

The cutest feature was the blue coffee jackets, which I figured could turn any ordinary white paper cup into a Luke's coffee so I took a few extras with me. The white cups themselves had a Snapchat code for a special filter that showcased the Luke's logo and a toaster with the Gilmore Girls reboot release date. I asked girls around me, "How does the coffee taste?" "Meh, just regular coffee," they said.

I shrugged and headed outside to look for my boyfriend. He was no where to be found. I called him and he said, "Hey, yeah, so I'm getting a cup of coffee right now." I turned around and saw him at the front of the line, casually filling his cup. I laughed out loud. When he came outside, he asked, "Is Gilmore Girls a nice girl's show? No one even gave me a stink eye for cutting!" I told him, "Yes, yes I guess it is!"

Image Source: Anna Monette Roberts
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