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These Cocktails Align With Each Zodiac Sign Perfectly

The Stars Are Aligned, and This Is the Cocktail That Matches Your Zodiac Sign


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♬ Roses (Taurus) - RENAE

Cocktails curated in the cosmos: what could be more dreamy? TikTok is home to some of the most creative and crave-worthy drinks of them all, complete with ones that align with the 12 zodiac signs. Complete with gin, tequila, and vodka spirits, these drinks are perfect for pairing with happy hour. Just as each sign is different from the next, so is every one of these 12 creations.

Cheers to your sign's unique characteristics when you re-create these charming cocktails for yourself. Every sign is matched to its drink by using each one's distinctive traits to shape the boozy beverage that best matches its cosmic horoscope. From fun and fruity to strong and stiff, these cocktails are just as delicious as they are accurate for each sign. Keep reading to see which cute cocktail matches your zodiac sign ahead.

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