The Stars Are Aligned, and This Is the Cocktail That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Cocktails curated in the cosmos: what could be more dreamy? TikTok is home to some of the most creative and crave-worthy drinks of them all, complete with ones that align with the 12 zodiac signs. Complete with gin, tequila, and vodka spirits, these drinks are perfect for pairing with happy hour. Just as each sign is different from the next, so is every one of these 12 creations.

Cheers to your sign's unique characteristics when you re-create these charming cocktails for yourself. Every sign is matched to its drink by using each one's distinctive traits to shape the boozy beverage that best matches its cosmic horoscope. From fun and fruity to strong and stiff, these cocktails are just as delicious as they are accurate for each sign. Keep reading to see which cute cocktail matches your zodiac sign ahead.

Aries Cocktail: Spicy Margarita

If you're an Aries, you already know why a spicy margarita resonates with you. You're the first sign in the zodiac, meaning you're fiery, energetic, and enthusiastic — just like this zesty drink. The tequila-based drink is filled with jalapeños and mangos, fueling your fire for all things new, exciting, and intriguing. Featuring a fruit juice duo, this drink is far from boring.

Taurus Cocktail: Sparkling Roses Rosé

Gin, lemon juice, and sparkling Rosé work together to make this Taurus-inspired cocktail a smash. Since this sign is known to be reliable, patient, practical, and responsible, a Taurus needs a beverage that's just as grounded as they are. This Rosé-filled drink features a dollop of sweet cotton candy that ties all the drink's flavors together into one smooth sip. Additionally, this well-grounded sign feels the need to be surrounded by pleasures and beauty at all times, and this cocktail is just that.

Gemini Cocktail: Aperol Spritz

Geminis are fueled by curiosity, socializing, intellectualizing, and flitting from one thing to the next. That's why this tantalizing Aperol Spritz is spot on for the air sign. This sign is curious and adaptable, which is perfect since this drink is made with a mixture of ingredients. Since Geminis can be outgoing and playful while also being serious and restless, this delicious drink strikes the ideal balance between fun and traditional.

Cancer Cocktail: Sangria

Empathetic and highly imaginative, Cancers know the importance of something that's tried and true. There's nothing better than fresh batch of sangria, meaning this drink is always worth cheers-ing to. Sangria aligns with this water sign's trusting characteristics since it's a beloved beverage, and for good reason. Feel free to add as much fruit as you want to this drink, Cancers!

Leo Cocktail: Chocolate Espresso Martini

The vibrant Leo loves the spotlight and grandiosity and can unite all of those around them with their humor and magnetic personalities. This chocolatey martini packs a punch and is sure to be the most wanted drink at the bar. Complete with espresso, coffee liqueur, and vanilla vodka, Leos are sure to relate to this exciting drink on a whole new level.

Virgo Cocktail: Japanese Cocktail

Virgos are known to be confident and analytical, which is why this Japanese cocktail couldn't match their personalities better. Made with just three ingredients (cognac, bitters, and almond syrup), this delightful drink is sure to impress anyone. Since people born under this sign strive for perfection, they would appreciate a this over-the-top delicious drink.

Libra Cocktail: Elderflower Express

Libras are all about diplomacy, fairness, and cooperation. They'll often do everything possible to maintain peace and harmony, which is why this Elderflower Express is a surefire hit for this sign. With an effortless mix of flavors and a gorgeous shimmery finish, this drink is just as special as the sign represents.

Scorpio Cocktail: Manhattan

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows that they're passionate, resourceful, brave, and extremely loyal friends. That's why the iconic Manhattan is so spot on for this sign. Made with four shots of bourbon whiskey and bitters, this beverage is usually only ordered by someone as determined and decisive as these bold signs.

Sagittarius Cocktail: The Zombie

Spontaneous and fun, what Sagittarius wouldn't be drawn to this alluring drink? The fire sign is always up for an adventure, and this cocktail is just that. It's fruity, fun, and fearlessly flavorful. The adventurous Sagittarius can whip up this drink the next time they want to add a new recipe to their list.

Capricorn Cocktail: Paloma

Ever serious, Capricorns stay true to their earth-sign roots. Responsibility and discipline are strong traits for the persistent, hard-working, and organized Capricorn, leading them to success in their pursuits. That's why a timeless and tried-and-true classic like a paloma is the must-have drink for a Cap. Complete with grapefruit and lime juice, this recipe features a mezcal twist that gives it a burst of flavor. Enjoy!

Aquarius Cocktail: Lychee Fizz

It's written in the stars that people who fall under the Aquarius sign are passionate, quirky, and outspoken. Since so many people are passionate about tequila, this drink is just what Aquarians should try. With a lychee zest, this drink is all sorts of exciting. Since this sign is known to be unique and independent, this lychee libation gives them the freedom to be creative with what they garnish it with. Flowers? Fruit? The sky is the limit!

Pisces Cocktail: Empress Southside

This water sign is one of the most tolerant of the zodiac, making this purple drink just what a Pisces needs. This delightful Southside is imaginative and fun, and it features the most enchanting flavor combination. Since Pisces are also friendly and selfless, this drink would be ideal for them to make for a friend who they want to treat.