This TikToker Spoofs How the Different Zodiac Signs Act on FaceTime, and Wow, the Accuracy

Have you ever been on FaceTime with someone and thought to yourself, "Wow, are they usually this scatterbrained?" If so, that's probably because you're talking to a Taurus. TikTok user Indigo Witt, or @witti.indi, knows the different zodiac signs' characteristics inside and out, which is why her re-creations of how they act on FaceTime are just too accurate to pass up. Need proof? Chances are, you know at least one Capricorn, which means you also know they're all about hard work and persistence. When you see the way Indigo spoofs them on FaceTime, you'll laugh at how spot-on it is.

If you've always wondered how you come off on FaceTime or you're trying to see why your significant other or best friend acts the way they do, then watch these TikToks and everything will make sense. Whether it's written in the stars or simply a coincidence, it'll be hard to deny how perfect these impressions are. Keep reading to see how your sign is perceived on FaceTime.

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