Dunkin's New Spiked Iced Coffees Come With 6% ABV

Dunkin' is getting boozy. Ahead of pumpkin spice season, the coffee and doughnut chain announced it will soon release spiked versions of its popular iced coffees and teas.

Espresso martini lovers, listen up: Dunkin's hard iced coffees contain six percent ABV and come in four different flavors similar to its in-store offerings, including original, caramel, mocha, and vanilla. While we don't have details of flavor profiles yet, we can only imagine they'll have the familiar richness of a classic Dunkin' coffee.

With five percent ABV, the iced teas sound more like a classic spiked seltzer and are also available in four varieties, including slightly sweet, half-and-half, strawberry dragonfruit, and mango pineapple iced tea. The chain recognized a "growing appetite for adult beverages" following a positive response to the brand's Dunkin' beers in 2020, according to a press release.

You'll find the teas beginning late August, and the coffees will start rolling out in September. While you won't be able to order these new beverages at your local Dunkin', the canned drinks will be available to purchase in single cans and various packs at grocery and package stores across 12 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

Stay tuned for more availability in 2024, and take a closer look at the newness ahead.

Dunkin' Donuts New Spiked Iced Coffees and Teas

Dunkin' Donuts New Spiked Iced Coffees and Teas