This Black-Coffee Drinker Might Be a Pumpkin-Spice Convert After Trying Dunkin's New Fall Drinks

POPSUGAR Photography | Melanie Whyte

Step into any store in the next few weeks, and you'll likely be bombarded with "oh my gourd" puns, fall garlands, and other harvest-based decor. This, of course, means one thing: pumpkin-spice season is quickly approaching. As summer comes to a close and the seasons begin to change, people are looking forward to kicking off the fall season with pumpkin-flavored muffins, pumpkin-scented candles, and, most importantly, pumpkin spice lattes.

But as someone who once worked as a barista, I have long turned up my nose at the tradition of ordering anything but black coffee — at least, until I saw Dunkin Donut's limited-edition fall menu that just dropped. The pumpkin-spicy lineup includes pumpkin-cream cold brew (made with pumpkin-cream cold foam), blood-orange refreshers, and a brand new nutty pumpkin coffee.

For the record, I'm not the only one super excited by the new drink options — many people are sharing their hype on social media, too.

So in the name of being a team player, I bravely volunteered to taste some of Dunkin's new drinks and snacks. As someone who exclusively drinks black coffee, you can imagine my surprise when each sip and bite made me crave the drinks and pumpkin-y flavors all over again. Below is what you should try before the season ends.

Blood Orange Dunkin' Refresher

Image Source: Dunkin' Donuts

The blood-orange refresher is fresh on the menu this year with two ways to order it: with green tea or coconut milk. (I ordered mine with green tea because I read it's good for my skin.) When I tried it, I noticed the chilled seasonal drink brings together the citrus of blood orange, the tartness of cranberry, and the spiciness of ginger and cinnamon. Personally, I'm really happy Dunkin' launched this one because I need something cold to combat the current heat wave. (Sorry, Dunkin', dropping the fall menu unfortunately doesn't bring us closer to crisp autumn temperatures.)

While it was a tad sweet for a black-coffee drinker like myself, the cranberry flavor came through to add a sting of bitterness. I'm curious if I had opted for coconut milk, would it have cut down the sweetness? Or would it be closer to a vegan Thai iced tea? I'll definitely be back again to test out this theory. Either way, while the weather is still warm, this might be the drink I bring to a Labor Day weekend picnic.

Nutty Pumpkin Coffee

Like I said before, as a barista, I am all too familiar with the pumpkin-spice-latte craze, but Dunkin's Nutty Pumpkin Coffee is so much better. The drink is the original-blend iced coffee with pumps of pumpkin swirl, hazelnut, and cream. It's the traditional pumpkin spice drink without the extra kick of espresso. I personally liked the use of cream rather than steamed milk because it gave it a different texture and worked better with the sweetness. I'm not the only one who fully enjoyed it, though.

ok nutty pumpkin w the hazelnut .. dunkin doing something …

— Andy Ward (@adubjose) August 17, 2022

The drink comes iced or hot, but as a Queer™, I feel pressured to enjoy cold drinks because iced coffee is gay culture, duh, but alas, my little bisexual heart decided to sip a steaming cup of joe on the muggiest day of summer. So I enjoyed my hot cup of nutty pumpkin coffee while basking in the summer sun, and it was worth the sweat. However, if I were to choose a cold drink, the pumpkin cold brew is back again this year, and it's a personal favorite of mine. The pumpkin-cream cold foam is dusted with cinnamon sugar, so there's no way to forget about Thotumn or Witch B*tch Fall (or however you prefer to celebrate the end of Hot Girl Summer).

Maple Sugar Snackin' Bacon

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Melanie Whyte

While the maple sugar snackin' bacon is technically not new to the fall lineup, I may have found a new use for it. There are eight snack-size bacon slices that come in a little sleeve designed for on-the-go to enjoy solo — or, in my case, with a furry friend. (Can snackin' bacon become the new puppuccino? TBD.) When I was doing my due diligence and sampling the finger-licking treat, my dog couldn't handle the scent of all this bacon in the air. I caved and fed her some, and it was the cutest thing ever. It's so fragrant that even a bumblebee came by in search of pollen while I was munching outside. You could say I'm now one with nature, straight out of a Dunkin' fairy tale.

Between the autumn-spiced drinks and salty snacks, Dunkin's fall menu doesn't disappoint — and almost makes me ready to say goodbye to summer. Almost.