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These Are the New Oreo Flavors For 2020

2020 Has Been a Real Trip, but at Least We've Been Blessed With These 8 New Oreo Flavors

These Are the New Oreo Flavors For 2020
Image Source: Oreo

Nothing beats the classic Oreo, right? While our love for the original flavor will never waver, Nabisco has come out with some seriously delicious flavors this year that are quickly climbing the ranks on our list (yes, we keep a list). We've been introduced to a handful of new Oreo flavors in 2020, including caramel coconut, chocolate marshmallow, tiramisu, and most recently, gingerbread! Oh, and while the flavor is the same, there's also the beautifully bright pink Easter-egg-shaped Oreos. Keep reading to see all the new Oreos we've been blessed with this year, and make sure you check back as new flavors keep rolling in!

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